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Chem Trail Resistance Strategic Plan

Can you Help? No Time to Read All This? See the heading at bottom? When, Where, Who Will Do This?

I posted this a while back regarding the largely ineffective action to stop chemtrails (I prefer to call them what they are on my own blog). I’m just adding this paragraph because I’d like people who consider themselves part of the resistance to listen to this podcast. It was spurred on by the Malheur standoff, but this ex-marine has a lot of insight about tactics and I think every chemtrail fighter should give it a listen:

My blog post below suggest using “tried and true techniques of grassroots organizing.” But now that I heard this ex-marine speak, I’m thinking a more sophisticated approach is needed, which you can hear about on the podcast.

Here is the original post…

After nearly two years of learning about the chemtrail problem, I found an activist site the other day that had eluded me until now. I stumbled on it by doing a search for chemtrail whistleblowers pilots. The reason I was doing it, is that a friend who is on the fence indicated if pilots who are spraying, or those  who are manufacturing or transporting the chemicals, etc. would come forward, then that would help him believe. If the spraying is as widespread as claimed, thousands of people must be involved, and surely a small number, at least, should be coming forward and blowing the whistle. I thought I’d follow up on his line of reasoning, and put together a list of anyone out there talking. See the latest addition to my Geo-Engineering page for the meager results of hours of effort. It’s very hard to pick the truth from the hype on this whole issue.


Chemical Sky over Kellogg, Idaho, Oct. 2014

Bickering and Dysfunction Among Anti-Chemtrail Leaders

My search led to YouTube, Mass Action Demand where I listened to an interview by CanadianSpartacus from May 19, 2014, in which two pilots spoke. The host mentioned dysfunction among some of the most visible chemtrail activists. I had also noticed hints of this in my readings. But more often, I asked myself, “do any of these leaders have an overall strategic plan?” If so, what is it? The leaders are focused on getting more people to look up and ask questions. Meanwhile, we the victims, plug along unilaterally in our small ways.

Who will be the 100th Monkey?

Here are some barriers to getting all the monkeys on board to tip the ship:

1) The amount of time it takes to sift through all the chemtrail links and posts on the Internet.

2) The fact that many of these links and posts lead to dead ends — as far as actually being true or provable assertions.

3) When people do act, such as writing their elected representatives, there is nobody tracking and reporting in one place the responses to hold electeds accountable.

4) The “movement” is fragmented all around. Disjointed contact with representatives is just one example.

Will Leaderless Resistance Stop Chemtrails?

I realize dispersed resistance has its strengths, and that a few individuals have risen up with herculean efforts to get this subject out in the open. My suggestion is to build on everyone’s efforts by using tried and true techniques of grassroots organizing and advocacy.  We’re up against a HUGE beast, so why not talk about how best grassroots organizing can help? What do others think?

I like CanadianSpartacus’ manner, so I posted this comment after listening to one of his radio-thons.

Thanks for what you’re doing. I’d like to talk about the challenges of the movement, as you addressed. I read a lot of comments on Facebook and see people would like to be able to do something actionable in addition to posting comments. I think the “leaders” are probably doing a lot, yet there seems to be lack of cohesive strategy. You have a very nice radio manner. I stumbled on your channel after many hours of doing Google searches the other day.

I received a reply, asking if I had any suggestions. I tried to summarize my comments in a tidy and short response. The subject really doesn’t lend itself to that, so thought I’d post my answer here.

2013-10-16 11.13.17

Chemtrails, South Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Effective Chemtrail Resistance

Thanks. It’s nice to have the opportunity to provide input. I haven’t been aware of your work, until just the other day, and I now see you have been doing some of what I was wishing for. Of course, I only know the tip of the iceberg. Maybe something here will help.

A Strategic Plan is Needed

Do you think there is any interest among other activists in working on the next steps of honing strategy? Is there an online platform where we can participate in a SWOT type analysis/strategic planning/consensus building?

Leadership Needs to Focus on Cohesive & Accountable Action

People who step out and write a book, make a movie, start a radio show, or call a community meeting, are in the minority. The rest tend to wait for somebody else to move them.  Grassroots movements need clear and reachable objectives to which such members can contribute. People are willing to plug in at varying levels of commitment, and the leadership need some direction about what those are. In other words, what are people willing to commit to and what keeps them optimally engaged? I get the sense that, as this chemtrail tidal wave is crashing down on us, a few important things are being overlooked.

One idea is to set up a multi-choice pole so frustrated chemtrail victims can to tell us how they want to engage.

We Need A Mailing List of Engaged Activists Willing to Donate Money

I would also like to see a mailing list with a goal of 10,000 engaged subscribers to share simplified information, spur people to action, report results, and share breaking news. It would also be used for the very necessary activity of fund raising.


From the horse’s mouth: Eco-terrorism is real

The Chemtrail Resistance Movements Needs an Organization with Paid Staff

Every grassroots campaign needs a budget to sustain operating expenses, including paid staff, who, even though they might work long hours on a shoestring, still need to earn enough to cover basic expenses, unless they are all retired or independently wealthy. The Chemtrail resistance movement needs to be able to fund attorneys and lobbyists.

Support Those Who Have Been Leading the Charge

The above ideas need to be informed by feedback/discussion with those who are already dedicating most of their time to activism, to see what they need, what they have tried, where the roadblocks are.

I am not sure what has gone on until now, along those lines. I do know what it feels like as an “end user.” As you can see, if you look around my blog, I’m not just sitting around waiting for others to tell me what to think and do. I want everyone’s efforts to be more effective, and would like to be part of the discussion of figuring out how to make that happen.

Frustrated People Want Clear Ways to Plug in and Act

I’m seeing a lot of frustration on various Facebook postings, in that people are saying: “What can we do to stop this?” Or in cases where an action date has come and gone — there is the question: “Did it do any good?” Responses to those questions are few and far between.

The movement suffers from lack of  clarity in the above mentioned areas, and also in the area of general information about the issue — which is quite the challenge in the murky word of chemtrails — but not impossible to at least improve.

Improve Information – Response – Results


So far, solid information about chemtrails has been a moving target. Endless assertions are scattered around online. You have to sort through a lot of them before knowing what is credible. All the more tricky because the body of chemtrail wisdom is kinetic as we discover the depths of the travesty.

Therefore, one need is a very well organized website that lays out what we know in a very easy to read and navigate manner. Some things it might include are: summaries of the major tenets so far. Books, movies, platforms/concerns/conclusions of the most outspoken leaders, searchable data base of government documents, patents, etc. These can be links, but I’d like to be able to browse a site and find what I need. Kind of a chemtrail Wiki without the anti chemtrail activist bias.

Also, it would be nice to have a FAQ page with clear answers to the most common objections.

Another need is to be able to vet the credibility of anti-chem statements

It’s not that a dedicated person can’t tease through all these mountains of data themselves eventually, but, 1) many of us have families, businesses, etc, and 2) we can make it more convenient for people to get caught up, and, 3) we can improve credibility. All for the goal of getting results, which leads to the next thing we should talk about — Response:

What is our Response and What are the Results?

Now that I’m convinced chemtrails are evil, what can I do to make them go away?

I am confused about who is doing what, to what degree things are working, etc. For example, it is suggested I perform a water test. If I am lucky to stumble on the Web page with clear instructions on how to do it, where exactly do I send it? And should I even spend my money when money is in short supply — because I’ve heard “there is a lot of aluminum in the earth,” and how am I going to prove the stuff in my water comes from chemtrails? So, every citizen activist needs clear and handy information on this–including what to do with the lab results. Their efforts need to be plugged into the efforts of everybody else who is doing it so we can see the collective results. And we need it to be part of an overall strategy. How will this put pressure for change on the Powers that Be?

Another example is writing to my elected representative or govt agency. I’d like to track who has been contacted and publish their replies

If the activist leaders feel they are using good grassroots tactics, they should consider there is a disconnect somewhere. I am willing to engage, but I’m not getting clear messages on how to do it or that the movement is backing me up when I do.

So, there is a need for discussion about strategy, outreach, feedback, volunteer coordination, fundraising, accountability — all the things that go into grassroots organizing. I think it would serve the movement well to think in terms of quantifiable results that can be shared with everyone — same as would be expected of an organization that receives grants from foundations or donations from members.

Anyway, those are some thoughts. Sorry it’s so long. I look forward to your response.

That was the end to the original post


To Pope or Not to Pope?

Canadian Spartacus did post some polls on his Facebook group, which won’t even come up in a search now. There were not many responses.

Then, about that time, there was an announcement that the Pope was going to issue a statement about Climate Change, which to me, as a former grassroots organizer, was an activist’s golden ring. I knew how much priceless international earned media the anti-geongineering movement could get from this. I shared the idea on the Canadian Spartacus FB group and was completely shut down. Everybody there was mad at the Pope and all lower leadership, and acted like Catholics church members all needed to be rescued. They would not entertain the idea of being non-judgemental long enough to consider how we could ride on the coattails of the Pope’s activism. They said they don’t trust him and suspected he’s working with corporate geoengineering protagonists. They thought I was talking about collaborating with child rapers.

What I was talking about, was sitting down with every priest and bishop with 1) information about what is happening in our skies — at least to use this opportunity to get them looking up and asking questions. You know — planting seeds. They’re not all child rapers, and they live under chemical skies just as much as we do.

I had visions of activists handing out flyers outside Catholic churches on Sundays, posting on Catholic blogs, etc — you know — good old-fashioned grassroots organizing. Whatever happened would be vociferously reported to the media and shared on social media. The point being, to snowball our message onto the media frenzy that will already be happening around the Pope’s environmental activism. It was a brilliant and obvious tactic, I thought. Maybe people thought the pope and Catholics are too controversial and it would have backfired, but nobody even wanted to discuss the pros and cons. They just wanted to spout off their opinions.

Online Warriors Need A Lot of Help

Most anti-chemtrail activity takes place online, and people are asking what they can do. Now, some are getting discouraged and I think it’s due to lack of leadership. Also, the online community is not known for the fine art of overlooking differences to join forces and collaborate on matters of importance. Instead, people tend to let off steam by being huffy and rude with anybody that disagrees with them.

The Powers that Be thrive on their ability to stymie reform by exploiting the divide and conquer card at every turn. That’s why collaborating with strange bedfellows always takes them, and the general public aback — with the result that more than before pay attention.

When, Where, and Who Will Do This…

Those are some of my thoughts on what is needed in the fight against chemtrails. But actually — due to the fact that the tentacles of chemtrailing reach into extremely sinister territory — there needs to be a physical, professionally facilitated meeting where chemtrail activists come together for a long talk and hash things out. Since this is at the top of the most egregious threats of our day, how can it be too inconvenient or impossible to converge? Not a conference with speakers — but an intensive strategic planning session. And it needs to go on for a week — preferably two — with the end result being a smart strategic and actionable plan that everybody there can commit to. This planning session should happen in a place where people who want to remain and volunteer their time can stay and work on laying the groundwork for the plan in exchange for room and board. Ideally, this group would consist of people who have experience or skills necessary for grassroots organizing. The three most important characteristics, though, are that they want to dedicate some focused time to fighting chemtrails; they respect people from a variety of backgrounds; they are willing to put their egos aside and cooperate for a noble cause. Pie in the sky? What do you think?

If you agree with most of what I said above and want to explore the idea a strategic plan gathering, please let me know how you’d like to be contacted.

2 comments on “Chem Trail Resistance Strategic Plan

  1. Karen Scribner
    May 3, 2015

    There is no intentional spraying. It is unintentional. The polyaromatic waxy compounds leftover from petroleum fracturing have to be disposed of somewhere so this is how they do it: put them in jet fuel. The aluminum is from wearing out metal airplane engines.

    • simpleunhookedliving
      May 4, 2015

      Thanks for the insight. I’ve wondered about the spraying being part of a waste disposal program. Based on items I touch on in the article (and many links people can use for further investigation) I think the spraying is also intentional.

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