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DestinySurvival Radio is a wealth of information for the prepper. I like to take the convenient podcast format with me to listen on my smartphone.

Hear interviews with prepping and survival leaders, experts, and authors of fiction and non-fiction books on topics that cover frugal prepping: DYI tips, mental attitude, natural and alternative medicine, prepping with kids, water, food, communication, fuel, and more.

A new program is released each Thursday, and most shows are roughly an hour long. A blog post with relevant links accompanies each show. Replays are available on the Prepper Broadcasting Network and Survival Central Radio.

This is just a quick list of the past few years. Go to DestinySurvival Radio for links and to see more information on each show. You can sign up for their email notifications when a new podcast is broadcast.

Troy Grice talks about his latest novel, Oathkeeper.

Anthonio Akkermans, The Complete Survival Shelters Handbook,

Cat Ellis, author of Prepper’s Natural Medicine.

Jim Cobb, Prepper’s Survival Hacks.

Timothy French explains A.N.T.S. (Americans Networking To Survive).

Bernie Carr, The Penny Pinching Prepper.

Ellefson shares ways to introduce children to the preparedness way of life.

Dennis Evers on DIY projects and the preparedness mindset.

Daisy Luther , The Prepper’s Water Survival Guide.

Ron Hubbard, Atlas Survival Shelters.

Scott Finazzo, The Neighborhood Emergency Response Handbook.

Vance Lindstrom, Rebuilding a Village.

Joe and Amy Alton, aka Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, of

Nik Kitson discusses Roampod, a new off grid communications technology.

Capt. William E. Simpson, Stop, Drop, and Cook: Everyday Dutch Oven Cooking With Food Storage.

Chris Ray of

Scott B. Williams and Scott Finazzo, authors of The Prepper’s Workbook.

Kermit Jones, Jr., Prepper Pete and Friends.

Jim Cobb, Prepper’s Financial Guide.

Cap’n Dave on permaculture and the Home Grown Food Summit.

March 12, 2015–No new show this week.

Steve Nagel of on lighting innovations for preppers.

Janet Liebsch, It’s A Disaster! …And What Are You Gonna Do About It?,

Scott B. Williams author of the novel Sailing the Apocalypse.

Kevin Dawson of Kevin’s Kandles.

Kylene and Jonathan Jones, authors of The Provident Prepper.

Sue Baird, Executive Director, Missouri Organic Association on the dangers of GMO.

Jim Cobb, Urban Emergency Survival Plan.

Bill Cirmo of

Lawrence Roberge Ph.D, on biowarfare.

Kylene and Jonathan Jones, The Provident Prepper.

Kathy Strahan and Ros Andrews, The Gluten Free Girls.

Curtis Morton of Power Research Inc. on long term fuel storage.

Scott B. Williams, author of Refuge.

Scott Becker of

Paul Faust of

Tess Pennington of talks about The Prepper’s Blueprint.

Joyce Moseley Pierce, All They’ll Need to Know.

Rick Austin, Prepper Camp.

Richard Bryant, author of When There is No FEMA.

Mike Slack, the Preppers & Patriots Expo, Go Green Self Reliance Festival

Jim Cobb, Countdown to Preparedness.

Sandor Katz, a.k.a. Sandorkraut of

Jeff Gleason , The Berkey Guy.

Gaye Levy of on 11 Steps to Living a Strategic Life.

Bernie Carr of

Donna Miller of Miller’s Grain House.

Kathy Strahan of on food fermentation.

Jim Cobb, Prepper’s Long-Term Survival Guide.

Riverwalker from the Stealth Survival blog on OP SEC and personal privacy.

Jan Roos, SurvivAmino.

Dan Haight, author of Iron Mountain.


Kermit Jones Jr. of

Ken Torino of K-TOR, on hand cranked and pedal powered generators.

Brandon Smith of the Alternative Market Project.

Sherry Willis of Half-Pint Homestead on hydroponics.

Andrew Hallinan of

Rick Austin, Secret Greenhouse of Survival.

Robert Wenzel,, on Bitcoin for preppers?

Nolan Crabb, prepping for the blind and visually impaired.

Julie Languille, Prepper’s Food Storage

George and Brooksi Plymale from FlareAware on health problems caused by solar storms.

Mark Smith, Preparedness: The Basics and Beyond.

Jane-Alexandra Krehbiel, Rational Preparedness, on pregnancy and childbirth during a disaster.

Capt. William E. Simpson II, The Nautical Prepper on bugging out to sea.

Jim Cobb, The Prepper’s Complete Book of Disaster Readiness.

Joe Casler on HAM radio.

David Nash of the Shepherd School on building a ferrocement dome.

Ben Sobieck and Patty Dunning of Living Ready.

Misty Marsh, THRIVE Life.

Joseph Miller, Prepare Magazine.

Christopher Nyerges on American Indian ways.

Dr. Hana Solomon, on nasal washes for good health.

Christopher Nyerges on survival and homelessness.

Rick Austin, Secret Garden of Survival.


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