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More Trails Over Spokane – Coeur d’Alene Metro Area and Beyond

Don’t be mad at us who speak up. Get mad at the people who are doing it and lying to you about it!

I was REALLY unhappy about all the chemtrails I saw streaking the sky yesterday. Originally, it was a beautiful blue sky morning over Lake Coeur d’Alene in north Idaho. I vented my disgust about the trails to a friend. I had told her about them last summer.

She said, “I never noticed them until you pointed them out — yes they are bad today.”

chemtrails, north idaho

I was so upset, I took some pictures and thought about calling the local airforce base, weather channel, or 911 and telling them to quit lying to us. But I just took pictures and videos instead. I got a shot of some bicyclists on a nice picnic by the lake with chemtrails in the background. Then I went about my business. By the end of the day, the sky was completely shrouded in gray clouds.

chemtrail picnic

I spoke with my son late in the afternoon, and he mentioned how he was at a bus stop watching the chemtrails going crazy over Spokane, zigzagging everywhere making star shapes; and how they’d been hitting it hard. I am really thankful I have a son who notices such things.

On the bus, he sat next to a woman who was enthusiastically talking about the New World Order and prepping and stuff. The passengers around her told her to shut up and not to ruin their day. She kept talking, and the bus driver actually pulled over, and went back and told her to shut up or get off the bus.

I found it ridiculous when a friend emailed me later in the day and asked if I’d been energized by the beautiful sunny day. Later we went out for a bite to eat and I said I would have been energized, but the chemtrails just made me mad. I asked if he’d seen them and he said no!

He said, if chemtrails were true, you’d think there would be one whisteblower. I said, yes, I know of a whistleblower. Her name is Kristen Meghan. Then he said, “I think there should be more than one whistleblower.” I said, maybe it’s a military program and participants can’t talk about what they are doing.

Later that evening, at his house, I showed him the pictures I had taken. He said the planes in OUR area make those trails because of the atmosphere here — blah blah blah — but east in Montana, and west in Seattle, they don’t happen.

So I got the computer out and googled chemtrails in Montana and Seattle, and thanks to the people in those areas who had bothered to take the time to photograph and video the problem in their areas, I was able to point to the pictures and say: Look: You say there are only chemtrails here and not there, but see– here are pictures of chemtrails in Montana and here are pictures of chemtrails in Seattle. But he was still resisting and making lame protests.

chemtrails north idaho

I said, there are chemtrails all over the world. I googled chemtrails in the Netherlands, and chemtrails in Russia. And everywhere I googled — there were images of chemtrails.

Thank you to citizen activists all over the globe. I am thankful for each and every one of you, because we are the same — we see the same thing when the rest of the people see a normal sky and think we are crazy. And we fight the same fight in trying to get the scales to fall from their eyes — one individual at a time.

Then I happened to see in the feed, there was a video of Kristen Meghan, so I showed him that. I said, look — here is your whistleblower.

I think the next day that chemtrails are blanketing the sky,  he will look out the window and actually SEE them creating a gray sky.

I mentioned the chemtrails to another friend yesterday, and she said, kind of joking — “Just don’t look at them.” She called me today to report that the trails were once again blanketing the sky and blocking the sun.

It’s amazing how the people who are pointing out the trails and the danger to our environment and health  are the ones being vilified. Don’t be  mad at us. Get mad at the people who are doing it and lying to you about it! It’s a case of killing the messenger.

Folks — there are plenty of people with good hearts who don’t want to grasp that this horrible thing is happening. The frog water is nearly at the boiling point.

Every time each of us tells one person we double the awareness. When we tell two people, we triple awareness. Try not to be discouraged. Our numbers are multiplying. I know it is going much slower than we want. Eventually there will be enough people with eyes wide open. We will reach critical mass, and the government will at least admit the spraying program. Of course they will have some really good excuse.

2 comments on “More Trails Over Spokane – Coeur d’Alene Metro Area and Beyond

  1. Cori Gunnells
    March 22, 2016

    Dear SimpleUnhookedLiving, thank you for posting about your observations, thoughts, and desire to see more understand what is happening via geoengineering. Dane W. is a good friend of mine. I was very happy to see you have posted links to his presentations, website… I’m from Prescott, AZ, and I’ve worked on activism in this movement for years. By irony, I was in your area in early February. My father had a massive stroke and was in Kootenai Health (Coeur d’Alene), the Rehabilitation Hospital of the NW (Post Falls), and is now in Sandpoint. I watched the sky there daily, of course – same as everywhere… meaning full of aerosol trails. You should check the FB page for the rehabilitation hospital – their banner photo of the hospital has a sky full of aerosols. If we all keep our stride, and help more people understand and feel impassioned to help do the same, we’ll get somewhere. Many thanks. ~ Cori G.

    • simpleunhookedliving
      March 25, 2016

      OMG, thank you so much for reaching out to me Cori. I am feeling for you re the situation with your dad. As important as aerosol awareness is, family is more important. I am in the south Lake CdA vicinity and Silver Valley for part of the year, then in NE WA. Closer than AZ, so if there is anything I can do on my end to help you, please let me know. I am committed to solidarity with those whose eyes are open.

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