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Please Don’t Feed the Beasts


“The little guy is forced to fund what is killing him while being assured all is well. It is best for the elites that he stays dumbed down and somewhat content.”

An agnostic friend of mine attends a mainstream Christian women’s group. She says these mainstream women are transparent about their personal struggles and good about taking everything to the Lord in prayer.

One winter they were introduced to a ministry focused on the pitfalls of the mindless consumerism and materialism that pass for normal in most Western congregations.

It was not something these women had previously considered. They listened to the teachings and were visibly convicted, yet none of them have changed their ways. Why is that?

Is it because nobody they consider a trusted authority figure mentored them on how to rearrange their lives? If their pastor had reinforced the message, would it have led to some fruits?  Why don’t pastors harp on this? Where do they get their marching orders? And  does Jesus care about this one way or the other?

Jesus does indeed care, the Bible addresses how to live in this crazy space in time, and the lukewarm end time church should stop ignoring it or it will be destroyed.

Ignoring What?

Rampant consumerism is just the tip of the iceberg. We find ourselves in a time where the scales are falling from many eyes and people are awakening from a mass hypnotic stupor. They are finally beginning to understand our liberty and lives are in mortal danger from the psychos of the military/industrial complex President Eisenhower warned us about 55 years ago.

The pace of awakening is quickening, but the full understanding of the threat to our safety and security is a gradual process because it’s gone so far and it’s too shocking to take in all at once.  This is true despite the fact that many are tortured and killed daily due to decisions of the world’s elite, and many other people are very sick. Most of the rest are bullied into submission through fear.

Those who wake up are at a loss about how to fix it, and many who try various things are beat down by the System.

The lives of the Powers That Be are maintained by diligent consumers, workers, and taxpayers who fund things like wars, which are very profitable for the Complex. Like parasites, the elites are dependent upon the vital energy if those who work to live.

The little guy is forced to fund what is killing him while being assured all is well.

It is best for the elites that he stays dumbed down and compliant. The model citizen — like the good Christian woman — is docile and submissive, going about her work and hoping for the best. She should not ask too many questions or challenge the status quo.

Carrot and stick tactics are used to keep a variety of earth’s inhabitants numbed and in line. Carrots include things like: constant entertainment, media lies, electronic toys, mass spectator events, public education,  widespread pharmaceutical prescriptions, alcohol, poor nutrition, and government feeding programs.

The sticks keep us divided and conquered so rising up with one mind is impossible. Examples include, left/right paradigm, race war, drug war, religious war, oil war, bulging prisons, permits, fines, and fees.

To avoid that sickening feeling of fear and dread that descends into your gut when your security is threatened, it’s best to keep your head down, point to somebody else’s sins, stay in line, and don’t talk unless you’re called upon.

It’s high time to resurrect a question that gets swept under the rug as part of the dumbing down paradigm:

How are people with faith in Jesus to conduct their lives authentically during this time, all things considered

Should they be content continuing to feed the beast while waiting for the rapture, pointing fingers at others whose sins are supposedly worse than theirs, cozy with their entitlements, until the day the 666 gets tattooed onto their foreheads?

Only at the risk of being caught completely unaware, followed by being spewed (vomited) out of Jesus’ mouth.

Many are keeping their eyes on the sky, hoping to see the saviour beckoning from the clouds when they should be seriously grappling with the hard questions of how to extricate themselves from Babylon so they don’t partake of her sins and plagues.

They are being irresponsible and giving non-believers good ammunition to ridicule them.

Preachers who are not seriously focusing on practical ways to separate their flocks from Satan’s system, are putting themselves and the church in danger.

I understand that preachers walk a fine line between what their flocks prefer, what they will bare, and what the hierarchy above them deems relevant.

There is a phenomenon pointed out by Minister Adam McHugh, that most congregations resist going to a deeper level.

“Truthfully, a lot of people in churches are not looking to hear something hard or new. They don’t want to be led in new ways. They come to church to hear the things they already know and to be comforted.”

It’s been referred to as tickling of the ears. It is my understanding things will be quite comfortable on Earth during the reign of Antichrist.

So, understanding that pastors have to pick their battles, what can other Christians do to help? For one thing, everyone can start demanding an honest explanation of how our fruits can be good while continuing to feed the beast we are supposed to be running from.

Those who ask the hard questions should be able to find a church home with pastors who have been brave enough to peel back some more layers of the onion.

What does it mean, in 2016, to be in the world but not of it? Should you eat the depleted military/industrial complex food? Drink its poisoned water? Use its CIA drug money? This is where the rationalization wheels start turning for mainstream Christians who prefer complacency over reality.

Are we still our brothers’ keepers in a complex society where you have to be curious and observant to understand how your actions harm others? Or is God still happy with us if we simply choose not to think?

Is it honorable or sinful to sacrifice our sons and daughters to the fires of wars orchestrated by a bunch of lying Satan worshippers?

Is it time for church leaders to come up with something more relevant than enforced complicity with the phrase “render to Caesar”?


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