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The Hives Struggle

I would never have worried about hives had I not fallen victim to this strange and frustrating health problem. The cause is very hard to trace and is different for everyone.

My condition disfigures my face, so I hide. I am unable to go out and meet with clients, so am reduced to a Go Fund Me campaign which will hopefully buy me some time until I can get this under control. If you are reading this, please check it out and share the campaign with your contacts.

During my first bout of hives in September, I went on a cleansing juice fast. They went away after five weeks. Now that they are back, I will resume the juice fast plus experiment with other alternative medicine cures that will hopefully help others as well.

Thousands Are Suffering With No Relief

As I search the Internet, I see thousands of comments by people who are dealing with the debilitating condition of chronic hives. Many of the writers say mainstream medicine is not effective.

Some pharmaceuticals offer relief for a while, but then the hives come back. Nevertheless, people keep taking the drugs anyway, out of desperation. Unfortunately, all drugs have side effects. So the body has to fight both the drugs AND whatever is causing the hives.

Here is a list of the drugs people say they were prescribed that either don’t work at all, or stopped working. Some are taking cocktails of a mixture of them.





Hydroxyzine HCL


Antihistamine eye drops like Ketotifen










Telfast (same as Allegra)





Hydrocortisone cream


Triamcinolone injections


Some people are finding temporary relief with a new drug, Xolair, which is given in a series of four shots that cost upwards of $1000 each.

Have you ever had hives? If you found a cure, please share it in the comments!







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