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Why in the World Would People Want Pruitt in the EPA?

 In my book, The Truth About Simple Unhooked Living, I harp on the dire need to protect both liberty and the environment to avoid tyranny. The last thing anybody of limited means needs is the weight of the state coming down on them for doing nothing wrong when they are working hard to live a clean and righteous life on the land.

I was heartened when some alt media picked up the news about the EPA targeting poor rural folks trying to stay warm with wood stoves. But still, too many people are oblivious to that ongoing problem and others like it. That’s why twitter feeds are all abuzz today, decrying the selection of Scott Pruitt to head the EPA. I encourage everybody who doesn’t understand why some of us are relieved, to watch these videos, follow all the links, and move forward with renewed understanding.

The Saga of the Sacketts

 Wyoming Man Faces $16M Fine for Building a Pond on His Property

The Strange Case of Tennie White:

Did the EPA Prosecute and Jail a Mississippi Lab Owner Because of Her Activism?

California Farmer Sued For Plowing His Field

John Duarte Was Sued for Running Afoul of WOTUS

EPA Earning Reputation for Abuse

Government Bullies: How Everyday Americans are Being Harassed Abused by Rand Paul

 The EPA can target private citizens and ruin their lives but it won’t repay claims for mine waste spill into Animas River

And EPA Won’t Take On Monsanto and Outlaw Glyphosates

House Science Committee’s investigations have revealed an EPA that intentionally chooses to ignore sound science. EPA cherry-picks the science that fits its agenda and ignores the science that does not support its position. When the science falls short of EPA’s predetermined outcomes, the agency resorts to a propaganda campaign designed to mislead the public.

EPA Overbearing and Dictatorial

EPA Money Hungry Power Grabbers

EPA Severely Punishes for Paperwork Violations

The Clean Water Land Grab

EPA – Stop Acting Like A Bully & Start Following the Law

The Tyranny of Good Intentions

The Tyranny of Good Intentions is not so much a book review as it is an explanation why environmentalists need to learn to work on protecting land and people within the constraints of law rather than regulation.

“The law has been transformed from a shield that protects the people from the encroachments of government power into a sword that enables the government to lord over the people.”

“The abdication of legislative power to administrative agencies has eroded the Anglo-Saxon legal maxim delegata potestas non potest delegari: “a delegated power cannot itself be delegated” (p. 162). The restriction against the delegation of power is rooted in John Locke’s views on representation and in Montesquieu’s ideas about separation of powers. It is aimed at ensuring that policy decisions be made by those directly accountable to the people, who themselves retain the right to make laws. The legislative branch now patently ignores this restriction, and both the judicial branch and the legal academy counsel continued delegation. The end result is a system of government immune from either rigorous scrutiny or substantive reform.”





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