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How to Volunteer at ECETI Ranch

Mount Adams in Washington State

Mount Adams in Washington State

April is volunteer month at ECETI Ranch, a “stargate” at the foot of Mount Adams in Washington state. In exchange for about 6 hours of work daily, volunteers get free room and three delicious organic home-cooked meals, along with the benefit of meeting some interesting people. I volunteered last weekend and it was a great experience.

“This sacred land holds an active Stargate and is the of the most highly energetic locations​ on the planet,” according to one visitor.

Pyramid Guest House with ET Totem Pole at ECETI

Pyramid Guest House with ET Totem Pole

The place is run by James Gilliland and helpers. I decided to go there because I receive the ECETI newsletter and have appreciated the suggested YouTube videos shared therein. I find James’ interpretation of current events spot on. I was sort of in the area, so as a nomad, it seemed like the thing to do.

ECETI stands for Enlightened Contact with Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. The main mission, as far as I can determine, is to provide a sanctuary where people can ascend by connecting with their inner divinity and beings from outer space/other dimensions. The ranch is renown among UFO enthusiasts round the world for incredible sightings of mother ships, scout ships, orbs, and other multi-dimensional contact phenomena.

“Greatly enjoyed watching the spaceships entering into Mount Adams stargate at ECETI ranch with you all 2 weeks ago! Amazing! I could not believe how many spaceships we saw. It is a veritable Spaceship highway up there!” another visitor wrote.

UFOs and ETs have never been a big deal to me one way or the other. I’m really into earth and the multifarious things to do here. I also believe that those who insist on ruining the earth will soon be removed from it and the meek will inherit it and finally be able to live in peace. But a pantheon of multi-dimensionals are quite important to the folks at ECETI. James apparently has his finger on the pulse of who’s coming and going and he has a lively and dedicated following because of his experiences, and decades of writings and presentations.

Greenhouse / Woodshed / Storage Area

Greenhouse / Woodshed / Storage Area Where Volunteers Plant Seeds

The manifestation I saw was a convergence of humans who genuinely care about healing the planet, the people, and themselves through any means accessible. We all spent our time last weekend in the temporal pursuits of planting seeds, raking, cutting wood, patching up winter damaged buildings, cleaning up mouse turds, and so on.

ECETI Conference Center

ECETI Conference Center

There were some extra curricular activities that involved group meditations, which I passed up. I am out of shape from sitting around working on the computer all winter, and after a day of labor my back hurt and I barely had enough energy for a trip to the shower house and to tend to the extremely finicky wood stove in my cabin before collapsing on my bed.

Hexagon Guest Cabins

There is a plethora of work to be done to help ECETI get ready for their busy summer season of gatherings on the land. To request info on volunteer opportunities, contact them on the web form. Everybody who is supposed to be there ends up there.

Skywatch Field

Skywatch Field at ECETI Ranch

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  1. Eddy Winko
    April 11, 2017

    Always good to get an alternative view.

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