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4-21 Were the Blackouts in SF, LA, NYC Connected?

Official word is that blackouts in San Fransisco, Los Angeles, and New York on April 21st were not connected by anything more than coincidence. I’m wondering if they were done on purpose.

Get Out While You Can by Narada Carter

Get Out While You Can by Narada Carter

Is an EMP coming to a neighborhood near you?

Over the past few years, experts have warned our elected servants about the vulnerability of America’s electrical grid in the event of a nuclear “EMP attack” by enemy nations or rogue actors.

EMP stands for the electromagnetic pulse. A burst of electromagnetic radiation created by nuclear explosions result in rapidly changing electric and magnetic fields which cause surges that damage electrical systems. The devices required to create nuclear EMTs are not nearly as sophisticated as conventional warheads.

Nationwide Exercises April 18 – May 5

The government has been slow to respond to the warnings. Now, with talk about WWIII and EMT strikes heating up, it is being reported by various sources that FEMA/DoD/DHS are engaged in a series of nationwide emergency response and recovery exercises scheduled April 18 to May 5. I have not been able to confirm this via FEMA website and unfortunately am engaged in another overwhelming deadline project at the moment, so maybe some other readers can run the info down and let me know.

An EMT attack will render ALL electronic devises inoperable. If you want a picture of what this might mean for your community, read the novel One Second After.

Operation Gotham Shield around NYC this week

Currently, Operation Gotham Shield is a Nuclear Detonation Incident practice drill scheduled in the NYC, New Jersey area April 24 – 26. Gotham Shield involves a notional 10kt detonation, according to a letter from OSHA, that was shown at LogicBeforeAuthority.

I lived in NYC during the black out in the 1960s and for days afterward, people were retelling their blackout stories. After NYC, I went on to explore the possibilities of how to live “off the grid” before that term seeped into the popular consciousness.

Learn how to get along without corporate power

Several years ago I released an ebook about my experiences, called The Truth About Simple Unhooked Living. It is a simple little book that explains techniques that I and others used on a daily basis to live quite comfortably for years at a time without no electricity or running water.

boy bathing in old fashioned wash tub

Lack of water often accompanies power outages, so water awareness is crucial because the human body starts to shut down after 3 days without it. At the time I was told, in so many words, that my book is ridiculous and nobody will want the information. It’s nice to have water and power constantly delivered to your doorstep, but in the event it stops for longer than a few days, will you know how to stay safe and have all your basic human needs met?

Once you start thinking about our culture’s utter dependence on powers out of our control, you might conclude that it is like castles built on sand, which means you and everyone around you is completely vulnerable when things stop flowing. Therefore, once you have this awareness, you should seriously start looking at what it will take to remedy the situation. A Herculean task, yes, but worthwhile, don’t you think?


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