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Get Ready for pandemonium. No turning back now.

face_1When I look at the faces of Leftist protesters these days, it appears the prophesied pandemonium they have been in denial about is beginning. Actually they are helping to bring it on.

President Trump is not the problem. As an interloper and destabilizing threat to the New World Order  — either through idiocy, accident, or design — Donald Trump is a tool that is ripping the lid off Pandora’s box.

It doesn’t matter if you think Trump is a fool or a genius, I urge you to focus less on him and more on what is inside the box. Ironically, you may have to think outside your own box to start piecing together exactly what been going on.

face_3Things were already ugly — especially under the surface — long before he took office. There was already hatred and injustice — all the “-ists,” and every form of evil, cruelty, war, and inhumanity being perpetrated by every class, including the highest rulers of the world. But if you were not in the crosshairs, you were comfortable enough, and it was easy to block it all out and focus on something more soothing. Those days are quickly coming to an end.

Players on the world stage have a complex set of agreements to hide the truths from the average person, who is required to keep the wheels of the game going on their behalf — you know paying taxes and shopping, etc.

Many people have already been trying to sort out the conspiracies. They have been telling everybody who will listen what they discovered, and that it’s dangerous. They have been yelling — “Hey, there is a fire in the theater!” But, the audience preferred to keep watching the movie. Activists and informants from both the Left and Right, from every color of the rainbow and cross section of humanity have risked lives and limbs to expose the injustices that threaten us all. A small sampling of their stories called, Watch These Videos to Get Un-programmed and De-hypnotized, was published here last November.

For twenty years I have urged people to resist the mind-numbing spell of divide and conquer tactics designed to keep you enslaved. I have asked you to listen to each others’ stories and take them to heart, and then, hopefully to join with others to start constructing a better paradigm.

I have been encouraged to see cultural cross-pollination over the years. Now it looks like we have taken two steps back as realities are coming into stark focus for the masses. The unprepared are scared and confused.

face_4Here is a fact. No matter what you wished or thought was going on, or how much you want to go back, things will never be the same. Tremendous upheaval is in the works. Do you see it now?

There is no reason to assume the complex system we have all been relying on to supply our daily needs without interruption will continue to function smoothly in the near future.

If you have failed to develop a strategy to provide for basic essentials, such as food, water, medicine, cash, and some kind of heat/light/fuel, please take action immediately to provide these things for yourselves and your loved ones for an unknown span of time. If you don’t know exactly what you need, here is an extensive list of survival supplies I like to have available when on the precipice of pandemonium.

Trump or no Trump, there’s no turning back.

3 comments on “Get Ready for pandemonium. No turning back now.

  1. Eddy Winko
    February 13, 2017

    A bit too pessimistic for me, but then I’m an eternal optimist, with my own water supply, heating and electricity (at a push) and a root cellar and freezer full of food, not to mention the animals 🙂

    • simpleunhookedliving
      February 14, 2017

      A shining example.

      • simpleunhookedliving
        February 17, 2017

        After thinking about your comment re optimism, I had to reflect if I was being unduly pessimistic. I realized I had written this after several days of immersion in reading about the Arab Spring, from the revolt in Tunisia to the overthrow of Giddafhi, and the utter chaos that erupted as a result, including the current refugee crisis. Since all these revolts, including the present protests in the US are stirred up and financially backed by the same actors, I am projecting an increase of upheaval in the US. Also, I considered what our daily lives be like if the protesters were successful in shutting down DC, as their signs declare, or killing Trump, etc., as some are calling for. That, combined with my feeling that this is not all just going to die down and go away, leads me to assert again, that the looks on the protesters faces, which reflect their angst, is proof that we have now moved closer to the pandemonium many have been preparing for.

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