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Blast from the Vaccination Police State Past – 1996

Parents who have recently become embroiled in the controversy of whether or not to resist government-forced vaccination of their children may not realize this battle has been going on for several decades.

Teen Jailed for Not Having Immunization Papers

PORT WASHINGTON, WISCONSIN – Sixteen-year-old Jacob Kallas was arrested, cuffed and jailed overnight because he didn’t have the paperwork for his measles, mumps and rubella shots.

Jacob’s mother, Janet Kallas, admits she ignored two court orders to provide her son’s new school with proof of the immunizations, which he did receive.

However, she couldn’t believe authorities would throw her child in jail over a missing piece of paper.

“I didn’t realize we were in such a police state,” the mother of five said. “We’re talking about a really good kid who’s freaking out because he’s in jail. It’s my fault. I should be the one who was held.”

Jacob was stopped around midnight Wednesday as he was driving home from his restaurant job because his mother’s van had expired license plates. A routine check showed he was wanted on a juvenile warrant from Ozaukee County, but it didn’t say for what.

Jacob said he was forced to strip, shower and put on an orange jail jumpsuit after his transfer to a juvenile detention center. [SOURCE: The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon April 27th, 1996.]

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