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Manifest Destiny: Elitist Freedom Grab Continues

“…–Sooner or later if we don’t take a stand, we’ll all be living on government land.”

This morning I saw a YouTube video of Steve Beck at a Sugar Pine Mine protest in Oregon contribute a heartfelt poem that accurately sums up the state of our colonization.

The words could just as well have been delivered by an American Indian — or a colonized person anywhere, for that matter.

Steve Beck, Oathkeeper, delivers a poem

Steve Beck of Oath Keepers enshrines our colonization in a poem.

The government is taking away everything
Only to make it their own.
You can’t even hold conversations
On your own private telephone.
They own the water. They own the air.
They own everything, and they own everywhere.
If they can’t own it, they just steal it away.
Turn it into a park, and then they can say they own it.
They own it with taxes. They own it with fees.
No matter the cost, they do as they please.
They think they own us.
They herd us like cattle and treat us like sheep
The shearing our fleeces to keep.
Sooner or later if we don’t take a stand
We all shall be living on government land.”
— Steve Beck, at BLM Headquarters Rally, Medford Oregon.

I can’t help but hear the echo of American Indians who were blown away by such assertions on the part of government. Also, it reminds me of the words of Russel Means during a talk aired by Infowars, when he said: We’re all on the reservation now.

A huge part of America’s dysfunction, in my opinion, has been the mistaken notion of special entitlement — that we can have  the best of everything — even to the point of shameless waste — no matter who we steal from and step on along the way.

The stand we need to take is to examine ourselves and turn our hearts around. There is no way, in a just universe, that this spiritual sickness can go on forever unchecked. In fact, it’s slowly killing us all, but most people have a really hard time facing it. It’s much easier to point to what others are doing to drag the nation down.

One evening I was attempting to discuss the idea with a Christian friend, and she stormed out of the room saying, “How dare you! I’m an American!” I guess I was being rude, and it made me cry, since I was in her home and I felt I was being a bad guest.

Repeat to Self: There is nothing inherently special about me over anyone else. The elitist Powers That Be are not on my side, even if my made up image of God says so.

Every once in a while, a few offspring of colonizers stand in the gap of their ancestors to admit the problem and go through a cleansing ceremony of reconciliation.

“I felt astounded that not a single other person stepped forward to apologize publicly for our ancestor’s violations.  Still, when I got back to my place on the bleacher, a native woman near me was wailing. “I have never, ever heard a white person lament what happened,” she told me. We embraced, sobbing, and some genuine healing began.” — Laurie Childers Manifest Destiny Revisited

There is a mountain of healing that needs to occur, festering under the status quo surface. Childer’s testimony feels much better in my spirit than the usual script that blind children of the system tick off — the list of lies they tell themselves to rationalize inhumanity, theft, treachery, and genocide perpetrated by their fathers’ fathers.

“It wasn’t me,” they say.
“That was a long time ago. The Indians should just get over it.”
“We already paid ’em for that.”
“I’m tired of them getting special treatment.”
“If they want special hunting and fishing privileges they should go live in tipis and hunt with a bow and arrow.”
And in the end, if you push the conversation to its end, you will doubtless hear this smug refrain:
“We conquered them, so they need to get over it.”

Now the shoes are moving to the feet of the colonizers and their families, and they are starting to feel the pinch. It’s the manifestation of a just universe revolving — the real manifest destiny stripped of its bullshit. Like the explosion of a super volcano that builds gradually. Those who refuse to make peace will be consumed in the fire. What comes around goes around.

“Congress made it illegal for any Indian to be outside of increasingly tiny reservations.  They were hunted and shot if found outside those imposed borders.” — Laurie Childers Manifest Destiny Revisited

When you see them on your doorstep, will you still refuse to stand in the breech for your ancestors that did these things ? The stiff necked ones may die refusing, but they bequeath judgement to their children. People act like they will disintegrate of they admit they have been living a lie — like it will kill them to hang their heads in shame and ask forgiveness. They don’t really believe their God, who says: When you are weak, I am strong.

“The next day, a descendant of the General George Custer family appeared and apologized on behalf of her ancestors. “I have always known that I would be part of an apology, but I did not know where or how.  I heard about this gathering, and felt I belonged here.” — Laurie Childers Manifest Destiny Revisited

Apology with weeping is the least you can do. If you refuse, don’t expect things to get any better for you and yours. Expect the things you see stirring now to get worse. Think about how you will feel when the armed troops chase you off your private property and herd you to internment camps, and take your kids away to re-education centers.

Oh, you think that’s just a conspiracy theory? Ha. That’s policy the US was built on.

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