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If You Are Human, You Are a Soil Steward by Default — So Pay Attention

International Permaculture Day

Soil health is the focus of Permaculture Day 2015 – In Support of Soil!:

Be the soil solution

That fact that you are a soil steward may come as a shocking surprise. It’s something they didn’t teach you in the public schools, and it wasn’t proclaimed from your local pulpit or mainstream TV program. So, chances are, soil stewardship isn’t on your radar, but it should be. Oh, you’re too busy to worry about soil? Don’t shrug this off. It’s important and you need to pay attention, no matter who you are.

It doesn’t matter if you oversee 1,000 acres or a flower pot — one of your main functions as a human being on earth is to tend, nurture, and steward the soil in your vicinity so it is operating at maximum value. You haven’t heard that before? If you think about it, it’s common sense.

Our culture needs to be re-tooled so that building the soil in your domain is seamlessly integrated into your daily life. We are very far from that now, so one of your duties is to create the cultural changes that make it happen.

Permaculture Day — Learn How You Can Support Soil, May 3rd

This isn’t a Left vs Right problem. It’s time to throw off the divide and conquer mindset and join up to save our soil together. May 3rd is a good day to shift your focus and learn how to steward the soil around you.

But I don’t have time to be a soil steward! I’m not a farmer!

Whatever soil you are near — that’s the soil you’re supposed to be taking care of. It might even be a small square of ugly hardscrabble dirt that was soil once upon a time. You are the one that is supposed to resurrect it.

This is one of those things you can’t foist off on somebody else, like a government entity. This is your job. Your responsibility. So if you don’t know how to take good care of the soil in your vicinity, it’s time to learn.

I go so far as to say stewarding the soil around you is a spiritual requirement — and whether you believe in Judgement Day or the Wheel of Karma — Cosmic Natural law holds you accountable for soil.

Spiritual or not, soil stewardship by you is an ethical responsibility that will come and bite your offspring on the ass if you ignore it. It will benefit them if you pay attention. Industrial revolution era tactics of soil mismanagement are nipping at our heels right now.

First, do no harm

If you don’t know what to do, at least take the Hippocratic approach and stop doing harm. In other words, do not dump toxic chemicals onto your soil in your feeble attempts to manage it according to government lies and pressures. If you are a chemical sprayer, you will come up with all kinds of rationalizations why you should do it. Throw off the fog, kick your chemical habit. Squint through the haze, and really start questioning the veracity of modern civilization’s soil management strategy. You are responsible for the outcomes of your actions, not anybody else.

But I have to kill dandelions right now!

Really? Says who? Did it ever occur to you the dandelions might be there for a good reason? Same with other so called noxious weeds. I’m not stupid. I realize there are government regulations with draconian fees involved in failing to manage those plants. The regulations — right or wrong — spring from ignore-ance. We are responsible for our ignorance when we refuse to take a good hard look at our actions. So, soil stewardship is not just a spiritual and ethical consideration, these days it is, unfortunately, a political and a legal issue as well.

Ask yourself this: is there a smarter way you could be investing your money and time when it comes to taking care of your plot of soil? If so, how come that’s not the law?

We the people created the conditions that have caused those “unwanted” plants to keep reappearing. Farmers and ranchers don’t want them in their products, so the majority support spraying hazardous chemicals around (but awareness is shifting and you can be part of the shift). You see, those pesky plants come back year after year, and you, as a soil steward should understand why that is, rather than blindly following the herd mentality.

If you are planning to spray chemicals onto your soil — think harder.  First, understand exactly what is in those chemicals you are willing to spread into the soil, air, and water around your home. Look up their names. See if they are banned in other countries and ask yourself why. Do they cause cancer? Look up the safety warnings. Are they causing death and suffering of humans, animals, bees, butterflies, frogs, etc. Yes, it will take some time on your part, but that’s no reason for you to blindly plod along according to the industry party line.  Is it? You need to know what you’re doing, not just do it because government agencies — that have revolving doors to Congress — are telling you everything is fine.

Everything is not fine! Can’t you see the people — even children — and your pets are sick and dying? Desserts  are growing, droughts spreading, and tons of toxic and depleted soil is washing down gullies or blowing in the wind. Open your eyes. Is that something you really want to be part of?

What is the Soil Solution?

Maybe you just want to get to the good stuff. If you don’t want to waste time on the chemical analysis of the pesticides, herbicides, and other toxic and noxious hazards you have obediently scattered around your domain year after year, much to the salacious joy of the chemical industry, get to the fun stuff of learning how to create healthy, vibrant soil that grows healthy vibrant food and healthy vibrant people.

Start here for soil stewardship ideas.

If you don’t do Facebook, look at the soil website page. Become one of the earth’s #‎SoilSupporters‬

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