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Who Died From Cannabis Overdose?

what's killing peopleWho died from cannabis overdose? Nobody.

US death records for 2013 (the most recent I found on the web), show cannabis is the safest mind-altering substance, with zero deaths attributed — ever. Now, as soon as somebody is able to blame one fatality on it, I’m sure there will a big hoopla in the mainstream media.

According to death rates, (not even counting long term health issues such as liver disease) alcohol is 29,000 times more deadly than cannabis, but that’s acceptable for some reason.

Pharmaceutical companies — with their big powerful industry lobbyists — are pushing the most dangerous drugs, which are 31,800 times more deadly than cannabis, when figures for accidental overdose and suicide with pharmaceuticals are combined.

It’s a literal case of smoke and mirrors. While they’re making a big deal about incinerating pot, much worse thing are going on.

An argument can be made that all these substances have benefits if used wisely, right? But, as you can see, “public safety” campaigns to eradicate cannabis are off target. Police are wasting their time and your tax money on it. There is probably good reason for this. It feeds somebody’s agenda and it lines somebody’s pocket. That somebody is not you, yet you are footing the bill. You are being played for a fool, so you should be angry about that and demand an immediate end to it.

Cannabis should not be legalized. It should be decriminalized because the people “in charge” have not proven to be good stewards on this matter at all. It’s like a kid who is not playing nicely with a toy — just take it away.



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