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“It happened while I was back in the woods. It apparently just caught up with me.” Eustace Conway, Mountain Man, regarding the threat to freedom to survive simply and preserve our heritage.

This 12-minute interview is an eloquent verification of observations I came to on my own in The Truth About Simple Unhooked Living, about the state of our diminishing liberty to live simply on the land and preserve our traditions and culture.

Eustace Conway is a committed individualist living off the grid at Turtle Island Preserve — a place dedicated to preservation of human skills that span every continent through all time.

In this video interview uploaded on Apr 8, 2013, he discusses a raid by officials “looking for something that will hurt the public health and safety” — way out in the country down a long dirt road.

“Everybody that comes here is healthier and safer than anywhere else.”

The officers said they were alerted of the “threat” by a show on the history channel. They also said a neighbor complained because the building structures are not up to code.

Here is a comment from the Turtle Island Preserve Facebook page:

I live in a county where A LOT of us live the way you live to make it work just to make sure we can live the dream. Keep up the good work and dont back down!! when you get the chance you can google one of our counties famous people Jim Bishop, who built Bishop’s Castle and got charged with over 35 different charges from the county mainly cause of building without proper building permits and codes…. I hope you guys keep up the fight and help keep it possible for people like I and many others in this county and across the country….Rock on Turtle Island Preserve~~!!!! 1/1/15

“What can people do to help you?” the interviewer asks.

Eustace doesn’t ask for a donation. He just said: “Wake up and think.”

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