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Rainbow Gatherings, Part II

“It’s one of the most radical things happening in the United States right now.”

We Love You is a Rainbow Gathering documentary filmed during the National gathering in 2008.  These gatherings have happened each year since 1972 on public land in July, and include a silent prayer for peace on Independence Day.

There are the usual pictures of “unusual” people doing their usual peaceful Rainbow gathering things, with cuts to people talking about their reasons for attending, and images of the Rainbow ambiance. The Rainbows, as one woman explains, are about freedom of expression, as long as there is no harm being done.

Early in the film a couple of US Veterans speak about their roles in starting the Rainbow Gathering way back in 1972, as a way to heal from their experiences in Vietnam. They applied some of their military training in logistics, remote survival, and communications, to make the gathering of thousands in a remote area work smoothly.

Warriors for Freedom

flagI have long made the point that this often vilified leaderless group of gatherers has not only pioneered ways to take care of tens of thousands of people who converge in the woods for a week or two–most of whom show up unprepared to take care of themselves–but they have constantly been on the front lines of court battles to preserve the Constitutional right of the people to peaceably gather. Before watching this video, I had not been aware of the Vietnam vet connection.

The people in this country are not lawfully required to explain or justify, and get a permit from authorities to gather together, like they would under a tyrannical form of government. That point was quite obvious to those who had sacrificed their lives to to fight for freedom.

Remember, a permit is permission granted to do something that would otherwise be illegal, and Americans have the express right to gather and pray without government interference. It’s a rare conservative that appreciates the role of the Rainbows in the struggle to preserve this liberty. As one Rainbow says in the video:

“This is the front line in that good old fashioned American conservative struggle to uphold the Constitution.”

Here Come the Law Enforcement Officers

Apparently, the LEO had to go into the gathering to arrest somebody on a marijuana charge. Discussion about the event starts around 24 minutes. It includes a description of the incident, such as officers entering Kid Village and pointing guns at children, and  indiscriminately shooting people in the back–people who were wanting to help the officers by trying to calm the now irate Rainbow people down. The weapons were some kind of paintball-style guns that shoot bullets loaded with a white powder that burns people’s skin and leaves black and blue welts.

These Law Enforcement Officers were obviously freaked out by being in a nest of so many hippies whose true intent they could not perceive due to their brainwashing–I mean training. They were subsequently unable to tune into the intentions of people who were trying to help them by holding back people in the crowd that were picking up sticks and rocks to defend themselves against the LEOs aggressions.

One Rainbow comments about how defense was not an option because the minute one person attacked a cop with a rock, the entire paradigm of a peaceful gathering would be discredited. So in the midst of the escalating violence, it was up to the Rainbows to diffuse the situation being created by the LEOs. I say they were creating it because everyone was quite happy and cooperating in all things before they arrived.

Here is one take of the LEOs involvement:

“Incident Command Team is a kind of FEMA-based process for unified law enforcement for multiple agencies…In a world where there are still so many aggressive attitudes we have a problem where Incident Command turns us into an emergency, so they can field test what I can only call oppressive and totalitarian practices on free people.”

Still, the Rainbows are optimistic that peace, prosperity, and plenty will prevail, hopefully sooner than later, and ask the question: How much more destruction are we going to let happen before we wise up and pull ourselves together?

And for those tempted to parrot assertions that the Rainbows make a big mess in the forest, check out this mainstream news report about the 2014 clean up in Utah, which reflects the historical truth about the gatherings.

“The people of Utah are amazing. They came out by the hundreds if not thousands and were thankful to have this amazing gathering in their back yards. The civilian folks I and others met in Heber City were kind, loving, and welcoming people despite their elected officials fear mongering.”


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