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I found this memoir of an older gentlemen living in Jerusalem quite interesting. He describes a time when he was young and idealistic, and joined a socialistic commune. The comments are enlightening as well. Despite the idealistic cooperative life, the youth tended to want to drift away to pursue self-interests. The place is still there, but with more characteristics of nuclear family and economy. It’s the way things tend to gravitate. In this context, I found the link to an article about socialism in Milwauke (left in the comments by John Gurda) thought provoking as well.

“They called their fellow citizens to a higher conception of the common good, one that placed cooperation above competition and mutualism above bare self-interest. They believed that a government based on those ideals was humanity’s best hope for the future.”  John Gurda, Milwaukee historian in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

At a time when people are talking about the system collapsing and being on the brink of change, I believe a calm and dispassionate discussion should be going on about what the improvements are going to be. Is there a way to blend these motivations that make us tick, characterized by the “higher concept of the common good,” through cooperation with the self interest and free enterprise that inspires people to stick around and make it work?


the human picture

saw the founding fathers resting in their graves…
on my way out from your burial… I was in a daze
in memory of David


There are smells, and sounds… certain places… sometimes clouds, or a certain blue in the sky that brings back old moments, memories… or emotions. One minute you’re on your way to buy a pack of cigarettes, and the next, you’re a young man on your way to work… and memories come rolling in, one after another… till those subjective visions have more substance than what you were planning to do with your day.


I’ve never been one to revel in the joys of nostalgia. I prefer to enjoy each day as it comes, and to make the most of it. Not to give too much attention to the future or the past, but to savor the present. The library was my first home away from home…

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