Prepare, Sustain, Thrive and Survive Simply

It’s time to plan your trip out of Babylon

Intentional simple living is a surprisingly empowering lifestyle that solves personal and global problems.

Try the simple life

Try the simple life

Mindful minimalism is a graceful way to use natural resources to take care of life’s needs.  Smart new pioneers are learning self-reliance, off-grid living, permaculture practices, and grassroots community cooperation.

But most Americans still believe they are entitled to self-indulgent prosperity at all costs, to the point of being sinfully wasteful and ruining their nest. Why is that? Does it have something to do with the hyped “promised land” theory gone awry?

Well, like it or not, things are changing and anybody who wants to thrive and survive should learn and practice living simply and smartly with nature, and maximize resources for the greatest good. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want that?

"Come out of her my people..."

“Come out of her my people…”

Disciplines to learn include alternative dwellings, low-water gardening, responsible water management, health and safety, sustainable energy for cooking and heat, legalities, community organization, logistics, and culture change theory. You can see thought provoking videos under some of these categories here:

the people in charge are crazy and dangerous

Read “The Bomb” by Theodore Taylor to understand the point of view from the vantage point of sane people.

In case you haven’t noticed, the people in charge are crazy and dangerous. Radical simple living is the best hope for mankind, but the elites are arrayed against it. You need to use earth, fire, air, and water to walk this spiritual path but they want you to keep buying stuff while they continue to ruin the earth and get richer.

Ignorance and Dysfunction

Of course, to survive naturally, you need healthy ecosystems. Big environmental threats to intentional simplicity today are GMOs, Fukushima radiation, nano-technology, chemtrail spraying and other ionospheric weaponry.

A problem just as serious is the loss of liberty, especially laws that stop us from relying on the land to get what we need. That’s partly because of the thoughtless and greedy things people have done to it in the past — from putting their outhouses over creeks, to saturating the soils with chemical poisons, clear cutting mountainsides, nuclear bombing, etc., etc. All symptoms of ignorance and dysfunction.

fireMost of the modern masses are hung up on the issue that it’s too hard to live with no (or fewer) corporate services. People need to attune their focus NOW to understanding what they really need to thrive and survive and retain the freedom to do it. If you haven’t got a clue where to start, read my ebook, The Truth About Simple Unhooked Living.” If applied, the $3.99 it costs will save you lots of money and dumb mistakes.

Wake up!

Break through the illusion, tear the veil, get your head out of the sand. Get off the couch. Emergency! It’s time to awaken your inner mind. Replace power trips, addictions, fear, selfishness, and illusions with humility, charity, faith, and love. Act with wisdom, get some skills. Spend the rest of your time here on earth thoughtfully and intentionally making things better.

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