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Would you Go On a Mirror Fast?

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the fairest of them all?

John Tesh, on his popular radio show this evening mentioned the phenomenon of “mirror fasts.” I didn’t know about mirror fasting, but as it turns out, it tends to be another beneficial characteristic of simple unhooked living.

As with weight loss, another cultural obsession, mirror fasting, is a natural outcome of mindful simplicity. When you’re busy living a sane and natural life, these challenging cultural problems melt away with barely a thought.

I have called the weight loss factor “my backwoods austerity weight loss program.” I believe I can take any otherwise healthy overweight person to Off Grid Camp for 30 days, and they will shed at least 15 pounds if they “follow my program,” which is essentially normal day-to-day living simply close to nature.

The lifestyle also reduces concerns about self image and mirror obsession.

Women Tout Benefits of Living Without Mirrors

In August of 2012 the New York Times wrote an article on “mirror fasts.” Women said the fasts helped them in a number of ways.

Blogger Autumn Whitefield-Madrano, 36, said giving up gazing at herself in the mirror gave her serenity.

Kjerstin Gruys, 29, blogged about her year long mirror fast, saying it gave her more energy to devote to her goals, passions, friends, and such.

Marisa Gizzio, 45, found a mirror fast helped arrest her self-destructive mindset.

These women were written up by national media and appeared on talk shows, because, apparently, people are trying to find ways to be happy.

Serenity, increased energy, and positive thinking are all outcomes I have described from my intentional simple living experiences. That’s why I promote simple unhooked living. But does anybody listen? Not many. Oh well.

I had a mirror-fasting incident once when living in the mountains without electricity and running water for seven years. Some new African/American neighbor friends, who were living the same way a few miles down the road, came to visit. People who choose to live simply in the mountains tend to have unspoken things in common. For example, us women were all dressed pretty much alike, in “practical fashions.” We were part of an authentic backwoods movement from which Grunge appears to have derived inspiration.

I actually did have a small oval mirror on my wall — so I wasn’t on a total mirror fast — just from the neck down.

One of the women was interested in the mirror, saying she hadn’t looked at herself in one for a very long time.

“Well, you probably don’t want to start now,” I said, and we all had a good laugh.

Perhaps considered weird by the modern masses, We were self-adjusted enough to laugh at ourselves.


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