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Merry Christmas but My World is Falling Apart

no liberty with chemtrailsI know it’s the holidays and everybody would rather happily saturate themselves in THE MYTH at this time, but I can’t do it because my world is falling apart. I’m sad, but I will wish you Merry Christmas anyway, if that’s what you want to hear.

Sorry if the timing isn’t right, but really, I want you to know I’m in mourning. Why? Because my hope is being trampled underfoot by jack booted thugs who are destroying the earth.

Wild Strawberry

Wild Strawberry

My aspiration is to mind my own business and live simply on earth. It’s a lifelong spiritual quest rooted in the liberty and ability to grow food, access clean water, utilize wild plants for medicine, and otherwise use the god-given natural resources of earth to live in a meek, honest, low-impact way that honors the Creator. You know, the one everybody’s singing praises to this time of year. I’m actually all for the meek inheriting the earth, like he said. I’ve known for decades about the tribulation coming first, but it’s a slap in the face when it appears on your doorstep.

Testimony trickling in from around the world recently (via posts on grassroots anti-geoengeering websites) about dying trees and sickly plants is extremely disturbing — especially against the backdrop of obviously visible (yet officially denied) persistent aerosol spraying from planes overhead on a daily basis.

I noticed odd sickly looking plants myself last Fall. Who knows what the cause is — chemtrails, Fukushima, or all our mistakes finally catching up with us on a grand scale. But due to government secrecy and corporate lying, and a majority of the populace that prefers to be lied to, “Truthers” are left to themselves to speculate about what is going on and why, and attempt to warn others while being accused of being wackos.

chemtrails, north idaho

More chemtrail layers over north Idaho

Some have been paying attention longer than others. They have professional education and backgrounds, time, and money to investigate and inform the rest of us. They are kind of like the prophets of old crying in the wilderness — the ones who looked really crazy, but were right on.

Two such “crazy” citizen activists are Dane Wigington and Rosalind Petersen. Dane is the lead researcher and administrator of Watch this information-packed presentation by Dane in 2011 “The materials showing up on the ground (from aerosols sprayed out of planes) are the same ones named in numerous geoengineering patents” that he documents on his website. The metals showing up in high doses include aluminum, barium and strontium, and these will not only screw with plants, they will also make you sick.

Rosalind is co-founder of the Agriculture Defense Coalition and former U.S.D.A. Farm Service Agency Crop Loss Adjustor who speaks out very eloquently about geoengineering, its effect on soil and crops, and why the powers that be are keeping it secret.

 I know this geoengineering problem is extremely unpleasant and overwhelming and it takes a lot of time to pick the pepper out of the fly shit, but doing so is of utmost importance. In fact, all other activities are rendered moot and useless at this time. Anyone who takes the time to review some non-conspiracy theory sources cited by Rosalind and Dane can see the military/industrial complex is quite active in geoengineering while keeping it at arms length from the people.

Listen to what Rosalind has to say and share with people you care about. Her websites: and provide useful documentation.

On the other hand, here is a story about Prof. David Keith, one of the world’s foremost geoengineering advocates and heavily financed by Bill Gates, a man with millions invested in geoengineering patents.



2 comments on “Merry Christmas but My World is Falling Apart

  1. Shaun
    December 27, 2013

    I’ve recently seen where people are claiming to dissipate and destroy, eradicate the chemtrails in the skies above them, by sending love and good intention through prayer and otherwise to the water molecules.

    I’m deeply intrigued by this and am believing it may have some validity. All things are spiritual beyond what we see as being physical. People choosing and resonating in pure godly love rather than being seduced to hatred like the globalist chemtrail sponsoring monsters like Bill Gates, can bless the earth and even resonate healing for the planet, and immunity for themselves with all this toxicity dumped into the skies by the Moneychangers.

    Pray, petition heaven for love, to have what scriptures call “charity” or the “pure love of Christ” and see what miracles can happen. Search out “Orgone energy” in a search and find how some are using cloud dispensers too in the eradication of chemtrails.

    God is powerful. We are powerful to be able to fight back evil through love and powerful spiritual intention.

    The Moneychangers are in their crescendo and pinnacle in power, but they are soon to fade from the scene and be overthrown by divine power. We must not be on their level, stirred up to anger, hatred, frustration, despair, and all dark emotion. We must rise in our awareness of God and his mercy to and love of man, and come to know that we are endowed as potent sons and daughters of divine parents who can rise out of hell (the world here controlled by Satan and his Moneychangers with their secret works of darkness and murder). Christ promised that he is the way and “the gates of hell shall not prevail against you” to keep us in and in bondage. We are about to rise from hell, and some already have. The experience a higher way and life. We must all be moving quickly to higher awareness of our opportunities and rejoice in the future, to embrace it, love it, and shape it in magnificence.

    • simpleunhookedliving
      January 9, 2014

      Yes, it’s all true (except the Orgone energy, which I looked into back in the 60s and didn’t resonate with so never went back). This is a spiritual battle full of serendipity and surprises. Just when I think I’ve reached some spiritual understanding and power, something happens to make me realize how insignificant, self-centered, and ineffective I am. I am grateful to see God work in my life constantly, yet I pray and pray for certain people who are struggling, and it’s like Groundhog day. I mention this because, if my heartfelt prayers and good intentions are powerless against the destructive habits of someone I love, then I have no reason to think I can dissolve chem trails with my mind. I am not going to say somebody didn’t dissolve chem trails with their good intent, because nothing is impossible. More likely when they disappear after prayer it’s a coincidence.

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