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Alex Jones Family Struck with Mystery Illness

Alex Jones’ uncle, William Hammond, is in a Tyler, Texas, hospital, fighting for his life from a mysterious lung ailment. He is on oxygen and sedated, Mr. Jones said.

Mr. Hammmond’s sickness follows on the heels of the death of his son,  Peter Hammond, who succumbed to a mysterious lung ailment a few weeks ago, Mr. Jones said on a news show titled, “Mystery Illness Striking America,” uploaded to YouTube Dec. 18, 2013.

Mr. Hammond, the father, attributes the mysterious lung illness to chemtrails.

Mr. Jones began discussing the illness after a caller phoned to relay a news report on KHOU11, about a mysterious and fatal lung illness killing people in a Houston hospital. Four of the eight people admitted with the illness have died and two are “very sick.” The hospital issued a media release saying it has asked the health department to investigate.

It is unknown whether the Hammonds were stricken by the same lung ailment.

The call comes in at 26:24: “We’re going to go to Debbie. talking about mystery illness, state health department. I don’t know what she’s going to bring up, but I know people are dying everywhere from a weird bacterial pneumonia that also has microplasms and viruses associated with it, which is bioweapons spelled all over it when it’s a triple threat. I’ve had family that’s died, people that are almost died [sic], sicknesses…” Jones said.

“About two weeks ago, my cousin, very sweet person, good friend of mine, Peter Hammond died. Got sick one day, died the next, not being able to breathe. Then his uncle, who was taking care of him…has now been sick for three weeks…” Jones said.

Mr. Hammond, a Vietnam Veteran and former helicopter pilot with Special Forces, told Alex Jones he attributes the sickness to chemtrails. *

“My uncle believed it was chemtrails because he was also, you know, a regular pilot and stuff, did all sorts of piloting down in Latin America and things. And he pointed out the lower chemtrails were coming in and actually disappating on the ground.”

Mr. Jones asked for prayer for his uncle, whose lungs suddenly look like those of a heavy smoker. “It’s really weird because they say his lungs look like he’s been smoking five packs of cigarettes his whole life. He’s never been a smoker. He was an athlete, Mr. Jones said. “I really love my uncle…You know, he’s one of the people that helped wake me up to the New World Order.”

Other people in the immediate Jone’s family are also fighting a condition with flu-like symptoms, including his children. Jones said he feels fine so far.

“This is killing healthy people, people that are like oxes, young people, children, and there’s no media coverage of it. There’s no coverage until now,” he said, referring to the KHOU11 news article, which is linked from

*The reference to chemtrails is at 33:38.



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