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DHS: Northern Border Now Poses Biggest Terrorist Threat

Impassioned plea from Russel Bolton

Stevens County Assembly is on the ground where this rubber hits the road in the northern border Constitution-free zone. It was a previous letter from them that caused me to research and post the administration’s plan for the northern border, Feb 18, 2013. The topic was covered several days later by Story Leak in an article by

This is a call for action from Russell Bolton of Stevens County Assembly:


The below article taken from News Max, represents two dynamics in our current slide into Communism, or perhaps, something worse. It is either the biggest piece of propaganda I have seen in some time or the greatest warning sign that has surfaced in a while, or both. I believe it is both. There is certainly much deception in this article, as I will explain.

Please read the article and then my comments.

DHS: Northern Border Now Poses Biggest Terrorist Threat

A top official with the Department of Homeland Security warns that the “nearly unguarded” northern border has become the most likely point of entry into the country. Brandon Judd, president of Homeland Security’s National Border Patrol Council, told a House committee on Nov. 20: “For the most part, when discussions on border securityarise, the conversation tends to focus on the southwest border. In no way do I want to detract from the importance of securing the southwest border, but I would be remiss if didn’t mention the ongoing threat of the nearly unguarded northern border to the safety.

“As far as I am aware, all recent threat assessments have pointed to the northern border as the most likely point of entry into our country for terrorists.” The U.S.­Canada border extends for about 5,500 miles, and there are more than 120 land points of entry — not to mention vast stretches of open prairie along the border. Judd told the committee: “The northern border is ripe for the exploitation of not only alien and drug trafficking, but also for facilitating the illegal entrances of terrorists and those that would do this country harm.

“If we selectively limit manpower to current locations with high volumes of illegal crossings, all we have really achieved is shifting the point of illegal entry to a different location.”

Lets just take it one point at a time.

1. Nearly unguarded border: This has to be one of the greatest lies of the century with no exaggeration. Several hundred border agents were moved to the northern border over the past 5 years, away from the battlefield that lies on our southern border where murder, drugs, and cartels are the norm.

Lets not overlook the tremendous amount of security infrastructure that has been built on our northern border in the last 2 years to include just recently new ground radars and other equipment.

If any terrorists are crossing the northern border, it’s because they are being allowed across, not because we don’t have enough security, to include regular drone surveillance. There is only on weak spot on our borders and that is at the established checkpoints. A mouse can barely get across that border.

2. Threat assessments: Based on what data and history of events? Based on nothing but an agenda to create a 100 Mile Security Zone around the entire country. They are going to find  some way of talking us all into it and accepting it.

There is a live and active threat at the southern border which has been miserably ignored and by the Federal government’s choice. That’s easy to access on real data and real historical events including the murder of farmers and the threats toward the sheriffs who are doing the Federal governments job while being told to do nothing.

Access the fact that our government has billions of dollars to send troops all over the world to defend everyone else (supposedly), but nearly moves a single muscle to defend and halt the aggression and all out war on the southern border.

Brandon Judd is a seditious liar who is simply trying to scare Americans into the big government military infrastructure

Now, I will add that recently the government has sent more agents and began programs to supposedly secure the border. However, the result of these moves so far has been prolonged detainments, stops, searches and seizures of American citizens and others who are legally in country. The Federal response to the crisis is: Make Americans moremiserable.”

The government does plan to beef up the borders, it’s called a 100-mile Non Constitutional Zone, where they can rule with impunity and disregard all lawful protections of the citizenry within.

3. Drug trafficking: Same deal! It is a proven fact that there can be no drug trade in a county or state unless the local law enforcement or in this case the border patrol allows it. In the last few years, several sheriffs departments and police departments have had serious shake downs where a good number of the deputies, police officers, police chiefs, and sheriffs have been indicted on drug trafficking

Any sheriff with half a brain can nearly wipe out drug trafficking in his county if he chooses to. Stevens County is covered in crack houses and meths labs. Many folks know where they are, how is it that our law enforcement doesn’t? They do!

I have about 20 recent articles from news sources around the country exposing the arrest and trials of these so called public servants. After reading many FBI reports on drug trafficking, it is easy to access that the drugs are coming in over the Canadian border, and that they are simply walking, four wheeling and driving right through the security. But who cares, right? Who really care that thousands of young lives are being destroyed in our area and the and the greater area around us?

Could you even get a local Newspaper to print this material? It’s very doubtful. I have tried to get articles printed in the Statesmen several times, and they simply won’t do it. They are protecting the criminals in our county. Corruption rules quietly and without resistance in Stevens County and has been for many years. What does this say for the morals of our population who tolerate this? Do we really care about our youth? Are we so self absorbed as Americans that we can no longer act responsibly and in unity around something so critically important? So many folks talk about love and sharing this time of year. Do we really love our fellow man and are we truly concerned about the future of our area? The proof is in action!

The only illegal thing going on our border is big government out of control and a free running drug trade that our local law enforcement has ignored and participated in for many years. The damage continues to mount, corruption grows, and the people will elect the same old politically correct people back into office at the behest of the local political party who also supports these actions or at minimum protects their political interest over what is truly best for the community.

The truth hurts sometimes, but a truly courageous and moral people would arrest these agendas and put the right people into these positions to guard their liberty and keep their families safe from these evils. However, that requires accepting the truth, acting to make corrections and resisting government propaganda articles. Choosing to ignore such grievous issues will only support the continued decline of our entire nation. What people do with this kind of information will indicate the character of our citizenry and determine our future. Letting fear keep you from involvement will also aid these evil agendas.

Is there any individual out there who would fund the printing of this information in both of the major papers in our county. Would many of you call or write the local papers and ask them to print the above information. At minimum, please send these letters out to as many folks as possible and encourage them to do the same.

Perhaps it would shame some folks in this county to finally take responsibility for the future of our families, customs, and culture here in Stevens County. What better gift to humanity during this season than stand up for righteousness. I am willing to stand against these evils, who will stand with me?


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