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More Maps for Freedom Seekers on the Move

I just noticed MD Creekmore posted some maps of interest to freedom seekers back in ’11.

I’ve decided to add these to the 10 freedom maps I linked to earlier. These are in no particular order of significance.

What neck of the woods are people moving to?

If you are thinking about moving to the country, check out this map posted by, that shows rural US population change by rural county from 2,000 to ’09. This might look a bit different from say, ’08 to now, since more rural areas have been loosing people due to the banking crisis and recession, and folks are having to move to find work. Unless of course, they are getting a government check.

How many rural people rely on Social Security checks to get by?

Benefit Security Card .. HALF of the U.S live ...

This map called Social Security and Local Economies shows percentages of people in US counties relying on the government for a social security check. It has been my observation that it is harder to stimulate a grassroots local economy when people are accustomed to getting a government check in the mail, whether social security, welfare, L&I, or whatever. The Southern Rural Development Center, which provides this and other data, notes that 16.7 percent of the population in 2009 received some form of monthly Social Security payments. They make up part of the hoards that get some form of government benefits. I have spent the past 30 plus years in a couple of the most “dependent” rural areas where the goal of the majority is to get some kind of government assistance.  To my observation, this has resulted in an unfortunate and growing absence of people willing to do even day labor or perform odd jobs of any kind. There is a lack of entrepreneurial urgency among those who get a government check. That urgency is born of the combination of creativity and desperation, as Sherman Alexie put it, and it is a characteristic of people who need to work to put food on the table and improve the quality of their lives. I’m talking about being active and productive for about

American Mailboxes --  “Suicide of a Superpowe...

12 hours a day. This lack of survival urgency hinders the establishment of vigorous local trade networks, which are required to build the new paradigm. The tasks are many but the workers are few.

Are you living near a Potential Nuclear Target?

The importance of building new grassroots economies seems to pale a bit when looking at this map. Thoughts of happy thrival turn into thoughts of burying into the ground in an attempt to escape nuclear fallout and the accompanying radiation sickness — or just bending over and kissing your ass goodbye.

Handgun Friendly States

Meanwhile, if you want to feel more secure in the face of smaller, more manageable threats, you may want to live in a state where it’s okay to carry a loaded handgun without dealing with a bunch of red tape.






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