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Occupy Love  posted a great picture on FB July 3 of masses protesting around the world. 

An excerpt of the text from “Awakening the Global Heart” said:

Listen – can you hear the sounds of revolution in the streets? The spark has spread from the Arab Spring to the European Summer, from Occupy Wall Street to Occupy Together, from the Maple Spring to the climate justice movement, from ‪#‎IdleNoMore‬ to ‪#‎FearlessSummer‬, from the streets of Turkey to the streets of Brazil, Bulgaria & Egypt. As many as 33 million in the streets this weekend in Egypt alone! The fire of change is blazing anywhere anyone is working to create a world that works for everyone and all life. From Transition Towns to community gardens, from the gift economy to restorative justice, from permaculture to maker culture, from renewable energy to mutual aid, from Open Source to Direct Democracy, we know what is needed, we know the time is now. – read the full piece: 

How many millions are attending these protests? 30, 50 100 million? I wonder how many go back to feeding the beast as soon as the protest is over — perhaps even simultaneously — in what they eat, wear, drive, where they live. This isn’t a criticism, as we the people are not left with much of a choice. When the mainstream firmly believes in a specific style of living, it’s what we deal with. The chains of supply are hard to overcome and change is difficult to accomplish. But it is possible and desirable.

I would like these millions of people to be actively eliminating what ails us by cooperating to create a living, breathing lifestyle shift from the present evil system that is imploding, to proactive thrival.

Like permaculturist Paul Wheaton, puts it: It’s about using our precious energy to make a better world through doing good things rather than being angry at the bad guys.

At this juncture, the good things involve experimenting with better ways to satisfy our basic needs and building a sort of parallel universe of autonomous homesteads and networks of local economy based on the best of traditional wisdom andappropriate technologies. There certainly is no more time to be idle.

Thrival requires liberty

Most of all, we the people who love life, liberty, and happiness need precious freedom to take the next step. So far, we’re whining about Babylon on one hand and paying to support it wiith the other. We need to embrace the art of living simply yet happily on the earth. This despite the Bigger-is-Better brainwashing we have all been subjected to by the oligarchy every day of our lives.

Turning our backs on Babylon requires clearing our heads, getting creative, and rolling up our sleeves for the hard work required. The tasks are overwhelmingly plentiful, the workers are few, and the zombie-like masses have no clue. Unfortunately, because of this last point, there is little cultural support for simple thrival. As a result, logical living solutions are quickly becoming illegal all over the US, and perhaps in the rest of the world as well.

Thriving is illegal

The fact that it is illegal to thrive on some land in mindful simplicity is a travesty. But we really don’t have a choice, do we? As people’s financial backs get pushed against the wall more and more, rediscovering the ability to live in line with our means and in harmony with nature becomes crucial.

Simple self-reliance is the road to freedom, yet we can expect the Powers that Be to block all escape routes. Why? Because they can’t exploit and enslave autonomous people. They can only kill us. The only “occupy” movement that makes any sense at this point is to occupy the liberty to live simply and honorably on the land.

We must rekindle the freedom to be able to experiment and to practice safe and sane simple living.

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