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OPPT Embraces Martial Law

Is OPPT dangerous or just a bunch of insignificant kids playing a harmless game?

Sucked into OPPT once again. I got wind somewhere that the One People’s Public Trust found a way to get the military to enforce OPPTs version of the new world order. With images of martial law in Boston fresh on my mind, I naturally became curious and engaged my responsibility to look into what the OPPT is up to now.

What follows is a transcript of the April 18, 2013 OPPT round table podcast on MorningBrew with Gwen Caldwel, The OPPT guests are Bob Wright, Brian Kelly, and Seraph G. I don’t have time to transcribe the whole thing right now, so if anybody else wants to jump in, I’ll post a link to your work as a continuation. If somebody digs into the so-called UN Executive Order 104333, and if it turns out to be something legit we need to know about, please post it somewhere for all to look over.

Pretty much every sentence uttered on this podcast falls into the What the FUQ (Frequently Unanswered Questions) category. The Swissindo thing is a prime example. This is Twilight Zone genre.

The folks on this show seem like real sweet people yet diabolically naive. Sometimes they make perfect sense, then they go off into la la land. The contrast is rather intriguing and puzzling. Actually it’s a bit jaw dropping that people embrace martial law with such a lighthearted attitude.

There are two things here I found relevant. One is the existence in the US of Provost Marshal General (PMG) and Provost Marshal (USMC). If they’re going to be ruling over us during martial law, we should at least know their names and what they stand for.

The second relevant point is Brian Kelly’s incorporation of this video clip of a congressional hearing which clarifies that Congress has completely lost control of the US military. Of course OPPT proponents are not alarmed by this because they already (allegedly) emasculated the United States by filing UCC liens to destroy this country (and all others).

Brian Kelly shows that One People’s Public Trust has no qualms about unleashing military police an anybody OPPT deems guilty of crimes against humanity. Brian is a peaceful guy, but he’s okay with this because the instructions specifically tell the military not to hurt anybody. Huh?

OPPT May have International Enforcement

“Exciting breaking news” starts at 17:20

MorningBrew with Gwen Caldwell 1650 AM Tonawanda New York

Gwen: Okay, Brian, so we’re gonna give you the floor to kind of give an overview to the Swissindo, then if you could…

Brian: Okay

Gwen:…give us the happy dance information (giggles). I just can’t wait!

Brian: Okay, so actually, just so I’m not talking for a really long time, Bob why don’t you jump in. You’re just as up to speed on Swissindo, and give a background on the way you understand the Swissindo thing, and I’ll, I’ll, um, elaborate on what you say, and then I’ll read what I have ready to share, ‘cause I know you understand it probably just as good if not better than, than I do.

Gwen: Hit it Bob.

Bob: I’m glad that you think so, Brian (giggles all around). I’ll do my best —

Brian: The only reason, I’m trying to buy myself time to read through what I’m about to read (laughs and giggles).

Gwen: Hot off the presses, you guys.

The King of Kings is Involved

Bob: Um, the UN Swissindo is basically a, um Indonesian government and there’s uh, one in particular who calls himself the King of Kings. This is the guy who basically (illegible), Drake, and all of those have been trying to, to get to turn over, uh control of all of this, these, global assets and collateral accounts, and, and whatnot. Um, and basically with no luck at all. They’ve been, they’ve been listening. And this is, this is another thing that, you know, they are listening to these radio shows, these blog talks and everything. And basically sent a message over to the OPPT, that they agree with what we’re doing and they want to back and support it. Um, there’s been a lot of discussion on how that would work. And, you know, we told them we’re not really after any of the gold or the silver, or the global assets. But they were willing to offer enforcement and um, uh, official, almost recognition, and ceremonial backing of the, of the OPPT. And the one who has all of the uh, quote-unquote power, or perceived power basically saying, you know, I’m willing to order everyone to, to comply. And, basically, that’s, that’s where we are, in a nutshell.

He Wants to Bring Peace and Prosperity to Everyone on the Planet

Brian: So, so just to elaborate on what Bob just said before you ask your question, Gwen. Um, the, the history of the UN Swissindo — or of the Swissindo — is, is traced back to the Indonesian royal families. Um, the Indonesian royal families have been passing along information from generation to generation with their goal of one day using the, um, gold reserves that they hold as an instrument to bring peace and prosperity back to everybody on the planet. This is, this is their, their mission. This is their only thing that they truly care about. This is what they’ve been working toward for hundreds of years. The problem was, because the Indonesian royal families, they controlled 90 percent of the known gold reserves in the world and it’s hidden around Asia and around Indonesia. And the United States and many of the G-20 have been trying to plunder this gold, um, for many years and they got to some of it, but they didn’t get to all of it, most of which has been taken back, but that’s a whole other story for a whole other show.

King of Kings Contacts OPPT

So, they knew sometime around the 2102, 2013 circa era it was prophesized that events would take place that would, and transpire, that would allow their, their legacy to be fulfilled during this time, during this epoch, during this era that we live in now. And so when they got wind of what the One People’s Public Trust was doing, um, they started, they got into contact with a few of the people that have been working on this from our side and we sent them over, um, all of the UCC filings, the Paradigm Report, and all the history of what the One People’s Public Trust has done since the beginning of 2011. Their, themselves, and all their legal team reviewed it for months and finally got back about six weeks ago, or a month or two ago, whatever it was, and basically said that they, um, approve everything that they’ve read. They have validated it on all levels and they’re now putting their resources and their backing behind what the One People’s Public Trust is doing, which has led to the post that I put out on my blog, which is a day or two ago that since went viral; where I shared all of the Swissindo documents that have been shared with us over the past couple of months. And there’s about 90 some odd pages of documents there and a little bit of back story as well.

Um, but the most recent development is what’s coming through the um, channels today, which is um, what I’m gonna be reading here in a few moments. But Gwen, before I do, what question were you going to ask?

Gwen: Oh, I was just going to have you um, if you would please, put the link to that blog in the chat room for folks to um be able to do follow up research on this. And we are coming up on a break so I think we need to wait until after the break…


Gwen:…So, Brian, you got the floor dude.

Swissindo & OPPT Attempt to Engage UN Troops to Enforce their NWO

Brian:…(un-related banter)…So, um, (sigh), so back to the Swissindo thing. So, uh, people have gotten really hung up on the uh, association of UN with Swissindo because it’s a UN Swissindo, and so a point that I want to make clear, um to clear the air a little bit in that regard, uh is that the United Nations has known, has been known to be a very corrupt organization. And the reason for that, which is um, pretty, it’s the same story across a lot of, of heirarchical structures. It’s not the people that are working within the system that are, are corrupt per say, more so than it is the people at the top calling the shots.

And so, what’s happening right now and the development that took place today is, um and what we’ve been wor–one of our contacts on our side has been working on–this guy has a lot of background and experience in the United States military, is um, getting this UN order from the Swissindo folks that basically allows it to be executed in such a way that they can control and command um, forces, UN military forces, uh, militaries throughout the world.

And there’s actually not just the United States military. There’s actually a video that I’m going to be, uh, putting onto my blog today, that is a uh, discussion between — see if I’ can find it real quick — uh, Paneta and Congress, where essentially it determined that the United States military is at the command of the United Nations, and that goes for all other nations as well.

 OPPT Contacts Provost Marshals Worldwide via Email

And so this particular UN order, has, as of, as of yesterday, or the day before, has officially been executed and we’ve received it. So there’s an email that’s gonna be going out to all the Provo (sic) Marshals from around the world I’m going to be sending out, as I’m listed as the media contact person, uh, for uh Swissindo as far as documentation is concerned.

What is a Provost Marshall?

English: Flags of the United States armed forc...

English: Flags of the United States armed forces of the Provost Marshal General (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now, the Provo(sic) Marshal, and this is directly from Wikipedia because I had to look it up, is the officer in the armed forces who is in charge of the military police, um called the provo. ‘There may be a provo marshal serving at many levels of the heirarchy and he may also be the public safety officer of a military installation responsible for the provision of fire (illegible word) security and ambulance services as well as law enforcement. A provo marshal may also be in charge of the execution of punishments.’ (*See below for what he doesn’t mention here about the US Provost Marshal, and why the remnant of the freedom loving people don’t want to encourage these guys).

This is the Foundation for Military Enforcement

Now the “provo” marshal is the only position that actually has the ability to arrest the president of the United States, so it’s not a position anybody takes lightly. So, I’m going to read directly this email on the air live right now for the very first time it’s gonna be going out, ‘cause the question since the beginning of One People’s Public Trust is where’s the enforcement gonna come from? This very well may be, based on all the conversations I’ve had over the course of the last 48 hours have led me to believe that this is that very instrument that will allow the foundation to be sent to the military enforcement, or the enforcement to come into play. Because when I say the military, um, everybody out there that follows my work knows that I work from a place of love not fear and peace not violence. And what we’re looking for is a peaceful resolution to all of this and a peaceful transition to this new system. So, when I say military, I don’t want anybody to start go and grabbing their pitchforks and taking it to the streets. This is supposed to be as peaceful as we can possibly make it, so take that into consideration as I read this email that’s going to be going out today.

Brian Kelly’s Email to Provost Marshals Around the World

(The following is reproduced from the copy of the email posted at Military Order by Brian Kelly Text below updated: 18:19 PST April 18, 2013 -BK. The words are very close to, but not identical to what he reads on the podcast.)

Dear Sir,

I am the media contact for the Public Trust. I have been asked by the Controller of the Currency, M-1 Mr. Sino, to provide you the following documentation.

The UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT is a corporation and has been foreclosed by the Public Trust. In fact all alleged governments worldwide are corporations and have committed crimes against humanity by funding terrorist activity, both domestically and abroad. This is a violation of International Law and Standing Treaties.

In addition, all banks are corporations. Because they have colluded with the alleged governments in criminal activity, the international banking cartel has also been foreclosed on and its assets seized.

Please find two documents of importance attached to this email: the Military Order and the UN Executive Order 104333. These orders and financial codes guarantee to the Military the authority and financing to complete this tasking…

(At this point the narrative on the tape is not reflected on the email posted on the blog, so back to transcription here.).

 Brian: …Page four of the Military Order 2012 09674 states: “By power of declaration and order, said public servants are ordered to forthwith:

#1. Arrest and take into custody any and all certain states of body, their agents, officers, and other actors, regardless of domicil by choice, etc.

#2. Rules of engagement are so defined as the preservation of life remains paramount. You are duly forbidden and prohibited from taking the blood and life of any state of body of the creator. Signed Brian Kelly, with my contact information.

Remove Dissenters So New System Can Launch

Brian: So, what does this mean? Uh, essentially attached to this particular email is going to be a set of documents that is going to include the UN Order, what it can, how it can be executed. It’s also include the flyer from One People’s Public Trust explaining a little bit of the background of the foreclosure process of the Federal Reserve, the BIS, and all the, the IMF, and all the major corporations of the world. Um, and then Order of Suspension document, and then the Military Order. So, essentially, what is gonna take place from here is that these provo generals will receive these documents, they’ll verify these codes, they’ll make sure that the orders are legitimate through a set of uh, uh, protocol that will allow them to ensure their legitimacy, and then once they have understood the directive then they can essentially go and um command their troops and start to put, to develop a plan to start uh, arresting those that um need to be shoveled (shuffled?) out of the way so the new system can launch.

Gwen: Yaaaayyy!

Bob: Now let me ask a question. Let me ask a question ‘cause I’m sure there’s at least one other person on this call that’s about to ask this question of mine, so I’m gonna throw it out there now just for, for, Brian. Now, the directive makes it very clear do not spill any blood. In other words, don’t do any harm. Now, if I am a member of one of those families that control the rest of those families, and a military guy walks into my office, alright? Now I don’t know what this directive says, unless I’ve got wind of it, like maybe I’m listening to the call today. You know, since, since, since Morning Brew has the highest listenership on Orion, you know, I’m thinking maybe some of these people might be listening.

Okay, so, that being said, what’s to stop that, that family member, ‘cause I don’t like to use terms like Illuminati and you know, cabal crap, they’re just family members of a few families that are controlling every other family. So, a family member is sitting in his office, military guy comes in says, by declaration blah blah blah blah blah you’re under arrest for the crimes of humanity bah bah bah bah bah, and he’s already read the document; he knows he can’t do any harm, so he gets up and just like in the movie Argo, he gets up and says Argo fuck yourself and then he walks out. (laughter). So, what’s to stop him from just escaping?

Just Bitch Slap ‘Em

Brian: Okay, so it says right here, first of all, excellent question Seraph. The line on this email says, you are duly forbidden and prohibited from taking the blood of any other state of body. Now does it anywhere in there say that there’s any rules against a nice hard bitch slap?

Seraph: Nice good ass whooping.

(laughter, talking all around)

Brian Admits He Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About

Brian: Here’s one thing you all have to understand, everybody that’s listening to this call has to understand. Um, I’m listed as the media contact. I’m learning this stuff as I go. I can only share the information if it’s presented to me. Do I have cold hard factual evidence that I can look at this and say, I would bet my life that all of this is exactly as it says it is? No. I’m just…

Gwen: Brian, Brian, hold that thought because we’re coming up on…(a break)

United States Armed Forces

In the United States Army and United States Marine Corps, the senior military police officer is the Provost Marshal General (PMG) (Army) or Provost Marshal (USMC). The PMG was a post that was reinstated in 2003, having been abolished for 29 years. The PMG is in charge the United States Army Military Police Corps, U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) and United States Army Corrections Command (ACC) policy and procedures from an office in The Pentagon.

The senior MP officer at the theater, corps, division, and brigade level and for each garrison is known as a provost marshal. In many US Army garrisons, a provost marshal is at times also responsible for the provision of fire and physical security as well as law enforcement services and thus is also referred to as the Director of Emergency Services.

What do you think. Is the OPPT dangerous or just a bunch of insignificant kids playing a harmless game?


3 comments on “OPPT Embraces Martial Law

  1. Paul Tremble
    April 27, 2013

    copied and pasted actually, it is my standard answer.

  2. Paul Tremble
    April 25, 2013

    Why would anybody want to sign themselves up to another faceless corporation? -and oppt is a corporation, especially one Financed originally by Rothschild himself.
    You sign away your family name for eternity to this corporation and including your property to a galactic federation? Who’s federation? why on Earth would you want to do that?
    OPPT might sound like a solution, but there are many much better solutions.
    For a start we can print our own money as a country, we do not have to get our money from a privately run bank of England (or fed in the US) and have to pay huge amounts of interest for the pleasure. We can print it ourselves for cost.
    We can also cancel the debt and rewrite our constitutions, as Iceland has already done, their government resigned and their country is one of the rarities that has now got some economic growth.
    Our problems are because of the people that are the real power behind our governments (the Royal/vatican/banking alliance) and they are the same damn people re-booting the world and starting all over again; or at least they are trying too.
    This oppt scam is there to waste our time from finding the REAL solutions to our problems instead of jumping on the first bandwagon that comes along without getting good advice.
    This is the most complicated Ponzi scheme ever created and every level is segmented in such a way that nobody knows what the next segment is doing at each level all the way up the pyramid.
    We should not be ‘Ruled’ by anyone, we are quite capable of self governance. There are lots of solutions on the internet from plenty of very intelligent people that we can implement by ourselves, we do not need a King or Queen or ‘Supreme master’ Ruling over us, and thats what oppt is, it is just more of the same under a different name.
    OPPT also has ties to the Illuminate and the Occult,if you turn their logo upside down you will find a representation of the ‘great pyramid’, accurate to one degree which is also bordered by a pentagram – they love that symbolism stuff don’t they? (link below)
    There are also, and this is where this falls apart, huge problems with the UCC filings they have supposedly served to the entire world, they are only valid in the US and, they have only been filed not placed which you have to do to make them ‘active’ Winston Shrout explains this in another link attached below.
    Here are some links that I have found that will assist in rubbishing OPPT:

    This first link is a radio interview with Winston Shrout, it is probably the most persuasive, he goes into detail on the UCC rulings:
    [audio src="" /]

    This is from Frank O’Collins who is an expert on Common and Vatican law:

    Links to the Occult and the Illuminati:

    Great explanation on how Paul Short has ‘Cracked the code’

    How signing OPPT you are signing away your family name – for eternity!:

    How the UCC ( the U does not stand for ‘universal’ as they state, it stands for; ‘Uniform’) Is only valid in the US:

    And finally here is a short video from Neil Keenan who had just come back from one of OPPTs brainwashing evenings:

    • simpleunhookedliving
      April 26, 2013

      Thank you for taking the time to explain your take on the OPPT and for posting all these links conveniently in one place! You say, “This oppt scam is there to waste our time from finding the REAL solutions to our problems.” I can attest to the time suck!

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