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A Piece of Absolute Data – The Law of the Triangle

triangleThis is my Doing for you, my piece of the Absolute Data, offered in love to truth seekers who examine all things and hold fast to what is fine.

An invitation has been put forth to refute/rebut assertions put forth into the common space by The One People’s Public Trust. I do so, standing under jurisdiction of Cosmic Law in love not fear, to the best of my highest understanding as presented to me by the Creator in whom I believe and bow in awe. Cosmic Law is the Highest Law. When the UCC disappears, the world continues Becoming according to Cosmic Law. Cosmic Law is far above any legal fiction. Cosmic Law is unwavering, and reliable, and revealed by creative fruits of the Creator and the created.

OPPT offers many fascinating ideas. Some are spot on truths that stir great hope for relief within hearts of enslaved and oppressed people in nations around the world. Sadly, any hope that relies on OPPT remedies is destined to fail due to false assumptions at its roots. When the root is sick, the tree dies.

Many of you will close your minds for fear that your great bubble of hope will burst. I tell you this now, it will burst. That’s ok. It just means your search is still on! Your hearts that yearn for justice and goodness will prevail to find the True Solution. And because these things are so important to us all, I invite you to explicitly examine the following assertion of Cosmic Law in your own heart.

OPPT asserts duality must cease because duality is regressive and hinders evolution to new paradigm.*

This thinking denies a fundamental principle of ontology that creation is energy, therefore the presumption is false. Energy is vibration. Without duality there can be no vibration. Without vibration there is no manifestation. Consider the fruits of creation and reflect on above so below. This law was illuminated by the elders long ago, preserved as symbol that transcends language,  for your eternal guidance and benefit, especially during times of darkness.

Law of the Triangle: Energy moves between positive and negative polarity in frequency which results in the third point of manifestation. Without duality there is no representation and as a consequence, no accountability. OPPT explicitly calls for accountability, which requires duality. OPPT ontology is ambiguous therefore proposed remedies have no intrinsic value. This makes OPPT a bad match for true and good hearts who are rejecting the spell of perceived value.

I have deeply considered the representations of One People’s Public Trust from many angles and found the underlying source of its ambiguity. There is no benefit to me here, ego or otherwise, other than the satisfaction of a broken spell.

My conclusion is this: Life and Liberty are achieved by harmony with Cosmic Law. Underlying OPPT concept rejects fundamental Cosmic Law of ontology. This manifests in fruits of confusion and ambiguity which are already plainly evident. These will mushroom and ultimately result in “damages” and accounting (balance = justice in Cosmic Law) for those who persist in it. Submitting to Cosmic Law requires humility. The meek will inherit the earth and enjoy its abundance restored.

*OPPT will no doubt deny it's negation of duality. Reasonable minds would accept evidence in a transcript, but if previous actions are any indication, presenting such would render an accusation of divisiveness, or non-necessity of quoting chapter and verse. Such reactions are the outcome of speciousness and resorted to by those who are unsure of their own "truth."
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