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The One People’s Public Trust Has Foreclosed on the Globalists: So Show Me the Money

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Three individuals acting on behalf of the One People’s Public Trust filed a series of UCC forms with the intent of foreclosing all corporate powers-that-be. Review the paperwork at Since governments are also corporations these days, there are none left and we the people are completely and utterly free, zeroed out, back to square one.

So now what?

The OPPT is now protecting the world’s foreclosed wealth for the benefit of  the planet’s seven billion people so we can create a new and better existence for all. Each person’s value is estimated at $10 billion, according to the trustees’ calculations. The most visible trustee is Heather Jarraf-Tucci, who is interviewed by her cohorts on a number of blog casts. Snippets of the interviews appear below in order to hone in on the answer to the question that several people are asking.

How Do We Get Our Hands On The Money?

This is an attempt to pick the pepper out of the fly droppings coming out of OPPT Central, not to take things out of context. That’s why a link to the entire transcripts appear below each cut.

On 2/17/2013, Heather said on a Freedom Central interview, that she’s working on a new financial system. It is tied directly to Creator’s Value Asset Centres (CVACs) that she has been doing the paperwork for. The 194 CVACs will function in lieu of the governments that were dismantled on Dec. 25, 2012 by the UCC filings. There is a CVAC for each nation, except the Vatican, which she purposely left out. Hmmm, this creates an interesting vacuum. Some people say there are actually 196 countries, but if anybody has asked if Taiwan or Sudan are included, I haven’t heard that particular interview. It’s not important for the purpose of this article, which is to examine the thing most people keep asking: Where’s the money? (

 Hint – Look Toward the CVACs

In various blog casts, Heather has explained that the CVACs are the means of accessing the wealth in trust for the people. Heather is the voluntary interim president of the geographic area once known as USA. There is talk in OPPT circles (re the blog casts) that they are negotiating with Obama to run that one full time.

Heather’s mother, Lois, called into Removing the Shackles the week of Feb. 7th, and had this to say about the CVACs and the people’s gold and silver.

Lois: Heather and I were talking about the CVAC today and Heather was saying that it’s going to be a transition that is familiar to the people at first, like a contractual type thing, where you don’t do harm to anyone and so forth, but it’s actually going to go past that, because it’s going to eventually get up to the point where it used to be, an old hand, it’s going to be your word, it’s like the hand shake, ok, I’ll do this for you, you do this for me type of thing. It’s eventually going to get to that position and your vibration for that to work with the CVAC, your vibration has to be of good intention, transparency, all the above that they talked about before, but your vibration has to be up there for you to really access anything.

You Need to Have High Vibrations to Get the Money

In order for you to access the value secured for you in trust via those UCC filings, you’re vibratory level will have to be approved by OPPT enthusiasts. Their impatience with people posing questions on the OPPT-in Facebook page demonstrates an assumption that all who don’t swallow the party line are of a lower vibratory nature. It’s easy to see where this is going. It looks like you won’t be getting anything unless you have the mark of agreement with their program (on your forehead).

Visualize the Gold

Lois (continuing): It’s like the gold exercise that she gave us about playing with the gold and how gold would be in each city, with this invisible vault over it and you are able to go into the vault if the gold recognizes your vibration, and your vibration is the same as the gold and you go in and dance with it, so the CVAC because of transition, it’s got to be easy transition, and you are right the people have to recognize it first and it will probably be contractual and I don’t think it will be members saying, well we are going to vote on this and we are going to vote on that, I don’t think it’s going to be that way at all. I think it is going to be on an individual basis and it’s going to be on your liability, you are going to have to take personal liability with whatever you are asking for and people if they know that they are liable for something, it will work out a lot better that way, does any of that make sense?

Several people have asked how the trustees plan to get the gold from wherever it is stored, into the hands of the people. And they’re wondering where the gold actually is. Heather knows, and a few people she’s told know, but the rest of us can’t specifically point to an address where the gold now resides.

Not Even the Queen Knows Where the Gold Is

Lois: They’re discovering – the Queen – they’re discovering gold plated tungsten in their vaults instead of the gold. The gold is – had been taken away from every place on this planet, and is stored with Source, absolute Source.

Brian: You know what, there’s a rumor mill news article that talks about all the tungsten bars to corroborate that, and it’s happening everywhere right now. One day Heather will come out and she’ll tell all her gold stories, and they’re absolutely fascinating. (Posted on February 11, 2013

Back at Freedom Central with Mel Ve on Feb. 17, 2013, Heather talks some more about where value is stored and the form of exchange that represents it.

So, Where is the Gold?

Heather: So, if all the sudden, you start to see all this precious metals out on the streets in such a manner that you can visibly see them, you can visibly interact with them, you are going to start questioning “Well, what the heck is in the vaults? What is actually backing the system if everything is actually visible to us?” You’re not controlling it. You can’t touch it. You can’t enter those transparent vaults where we can see the stuff. This end game is going to be so magnificent. I am so excited. I love it because a lot of people say “Oh (inaudible) you have Microsoft, Bill Gates who writes all these programs. You have all these guys working to make these back doors for this moment. Thinking we are going to take the old system back, right of the tracking and transfer systems.” Well, I will bring you back to that magnetic strip on the back of your credit card or your drivers’ license. That is just a data holding strip. If you look at how these strips actually work, it stores data by modifying the magnetism of tiny, iron-based, magnetic particles. Think about it. Your body is energy. If your body vibrates at a particular frequency and it can magnetically draw anything to it, what if all of a sudden your hand becomes a magnetic strip of its own? Just by co-creating and co-enjoying with iron-based magnetic particles. You don’t even need these cards. Everything’s run off of your own magnetic. If you think that what I am saying is completely too futuristic, think about the iris scans.

In the Magnetic Data Stored in My Body?

Your energy pattern is just as unique in identifying you as your thumb print, as your iris. Yet they can’t be manipulated in the fashion that someone could put a latex coating over their finger print with someone else’s finger print on it or put a contact lens in that could actually identify you using the iris thing. It’s going to get really fun here and it’s going to get very…how did Poof put it?…very Jetson type like. So, I am really excited about all of this, essentially the internet…if you look where the internet… even these magnetic strips, IBM it was used during World War II. If you recall…do you follow Saint Germain type of messages and things like that? (

We’re Getting Low on Pepper

The next snippets of conversation are from a transcript broadcast on Global Fact Radio, posted Feb. 21, 2013 via

Note from Transcriber: Please be aware that this particular radio show had significant audio problems..” – RTS/OPPT Transcription Team

Heather: OPPT is a tool that has been set from the beginning.

Heather: Essentially, it’s a trust underneath the chest(?) of creation.

Heather: So, the purpose of OPPT is to go in to preserve and protect all the people and all the value.

Mysterious Players Behind the Curtain

Heather: OPPT now has to go in and the guys behind the curtain, the powers-that-were, you have to go back and you have to put them in position where they’re stopped from damaging anything within that trust.

Tony (host): That sounds great. I have somebody asking in the chat room here, who is actually the owner of this Trust?

Heather: The way that it’s been secured, is the way that it naturally happened. Source creates whatever you see. At that point, it’s between your (inaudible) and Source. The only person you answer to is your Creator. That’s when we kept it prime and it crested(?) into a spot where you get to make your choices. How you want to be responsible. How you want to delegate your responsibility.

Next Question?

How Much Are You Worth?

Tony (host): So… did you work out what that dollar figure would be? Because I’m sure if you foreclose on the corporation, you seize all their assets, so is there a figure that you worked out of the value of each person?

Heather: … I had to weigh the situation, what do you set this at? They got (inaudible) way more than 10 billion for each and every person on the planet. However, the number needs to be set at something that would rehabilitate the powers-that-were, freeze up all the accounts and in a way that it attached to the very vacuum that they were claiming was theirs, that they were going to state they’re changing their system to (inaudible) multiple configurations(?).

Heather: However, this is the fun part. For instance, in the Constitution, there is an Article and a section where they state everything is in a lawful money in the United States is gold and silver. The Federal Reserve, when they took on the contract, that wasn’t already in place. So, when they took on that contract, they knew (inaudible) gold and silver. Every currency since 1934 and the restructuring for everything is underneath the Bank for International Settlements. Every bank on the planet is a member of the Bank for International Settlements through memberships to the Central Bank. Their currency is backed, essentially, by a dollar being in their vaults. They can’t touch it. So, with the euro, the euro’s legal definition is a dollar in a European bank; a U.S. dollar in a European bank. That gives them the backing to go and cut euros. So, by them having their currency tied to (inaudible) the way they did, they also agreed to pay debt in gold and silver. So that’s how the nexus of the payment and the debt is paid in actual gold and silver was tied, and able to be tied, without the entire part. That number was to go in and make sure that they had nothing to work with and yet, at the same time, all the people had at least a fraction of what was owed to them. There’s way more than 10 billion owed to every person on the planet, except for the powers-that-were that actually perpetrated the (inaudible).

So, Where’s the Money?

Tony (host): … how does someone claim those monies?

Heather: Well, the money’s already been claimed, so we’re at collection. This goes back to what I was telling you about, the purpose of the OPPT and its first (inaudible) was to secure. Then from there it was to preserve and protect. Now, it’s (inaudible) at the possession stage. The problem is, is that a lot of people don’t understand who really has the power (inaudible) cooperate(?). They think the powers-that-were, under the (inaudible) they kind of see now, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bush, the Asian families …(inaudible)… these investigation stages you see all based behind whatever bad (inaudible) comes down the road.

Where’s the Gold, Again? In Our DNA?

Tony (host): About the CVAC, I do have a question from one of our members. How are they funded?

Heather: … Now, our goal is to go in and set up the actual treasury systems, so people can access their value and then spread the word more. What happens is in banking, they were basically working off a paper system. Most of their gold is actually gone. They have no gold. So, they had to ship over old, old gold that they had buried essentially and that gold will shortly be gone here as well. All that gold was cached in reserves for this particular moment, because there will be the gold and the silver will be assisting(?) and all the precious metals will be assisting in the new system. It’ll be by free will choice, once you know the gold and the precious metals all have DNA. So the bankers will identify them by their DNA.

So when you go in and we have this new system, all we have to do is actually…we have a commercial bill that’s already been secured for everybody on the planet. 10 billion for everybody on the planet, except the powers-that-were, they only get five billion. Their accounts are depleted by whatever their actions or inactions damaging the people they’ve hurt. That’s a matter of accounting. At this point, all we have to do is go in and set up the actual systems where you deposit parts of those commercial bills, so essentially we’re cutting the commercial bills. Meanwhile we’re using those (inaudible) to have actual access so people can buy bread or a tank of gas in their car. Yet at the same time, it also helps pay for the enforcement actions.

This is Transparent Accounting

Heather: At this point in time, there are funds that are allocated just to get the systems of assistance as far as the treasury up, so that people actually have access to their funds, their value. So, that’s coming out of the 10 billion. It’s transparent accounting, so anything that’s not used, it’s just sitting over in your account.

But Where Can I Go Get My Money?

Chance (co-host): The very next question I get from people is they want to know about that 10 billion. Is this something that is reachable? Is this something that we can get our hands on? Or is this a further down the line process?

Tony (host): I can see how people be asking this very first question that comes to their mind. The way the economy is globally right now, with people losing their homes and the high unemployment rate, how do you tell somebody that there’s 10 billion just sitting in the bank somewhere for you? The first thing they’re going to ask is, how can I access it?

Heather: That’s normal….That money just represents a prime value, which everyone by design, it’s been hidden from them. The prime question that we were getting out there, for everyone just to consider…the data I should say to get out there…was what that money was actually representing…However at the same time, recognizing that there’s certain triggers for everybody in remembering and BE’ing and DO’ing and having access to funds, so they don’t have to worry about buying a house or paying rent or putting food on the table. Once those distractions are gone, and that’s where the powers-that-were shot themselves in the foot, if they had just kept everyone fat and happy, then nobody would be asking questions and they wouldn’t be in the thick. They couldn’t move fast enough. If they were going to depopulate everyone, so they didn’t have to (inaudible for many words) and enjoy the riches that they have been stealing, and I don’t mean gold and silver. Gold and silver don’t need anything spent. It’s the other value that it represents. At the same time, I get it…At this point, getting the CVACs out there and their first order of business is getting uncluttered and unencumbered access to the people of their value. That’s what I started to do today, was get the CVACs ready. Things will stabilize out here over the next 24 hours and then it goes…of communications, I mean(?).

The Gold and Silver is Being Seized as We Speak

Caller Debra: So, you have to actually seize the gold and silver in order to have it for the people?

Heather: Yeah. That has actually been going on and there are different forces that I would rather have them deal with to come in and explain it to everyone. But yes, they have been doing the seizures, which is why China and London had to ship gold over to the U.S. Treasury, so it looked like they had gold.

What Does This Mean for My Dinar Investment?

Next Caller Shara:…how quickly will funds be available? That I really want a direct answer to. Because I’m a dinar holder and you’re now saying there’s no RV, so I really have been having my finances be wrapped up in that type of investment.

Heather: Okay. Direct answer to the RV. I’ll go backwards, because actually there’s a more correct order as far as the information (inaudible). When you have an RV that is basically based on the natural resources of Iraq, right? And the natural resources were actually all stolen and sold off into multinational corporations when the U.S. took over for a one-year period, took over basically Iraq. Ran the government, ran everything they had the authority under their own system at the time to go in and take over Iraq. They sold out, they made deals, cut deals for100% of the resources could exit the country. Nothing had to be left in the country or be invested. And then the Constitution was written after that, which basically made it so that you could not null and void or cancel those contracts that had been made before the Constitution. So, an RV based on the natural resources, okay, but the natural resources aren’t owned by the people. They don’t benefit from them now. They’re all held by multinationals and now institutional private investors. So, you tell me, if something was unlawful and illegal to begin with, as far as where those things went and the RV is going to RV and you believe that it’s going to the Iraqi people and all those resources are held by them, you explain to me how is it lawful in your database. Go and research it. I would love for you to bring data out, because that really hasn’t been brought out. It was quietly brought(?) out in bits and pieces over years of time. I only followed it from (inaudible for several words) international (inaudible).

The Value is Available  via Global Systems of Assistance

Heather: When will the funds, the value, be available? The value is available. Now it’s a matter of getting the value…access to the value. And the access to the value comes with the CVAC system going up. Like I said, we were working on that today (inaudible for several words) the 194 branches. Or 193, because one is already up.

Heather: … the CVACs, the CVACs are for systems of assistance. Whatever the people needed to (inaudible), this is (inaudible) to be developed. Right now, we have it in essentially a very simple general format. a system of (inaudible), a system of health, of treasury. The CVAC isn’t like a window teller. It’s systems of assistance. And the people see it just focusing on money and all of that and not as much in the other things, well I can tell you right now, there are people who know how to make gold out of thin air. It’s really nothing there; it’s all a (inaudible) process. But they know how to make gold. So if you have a gold-backed based system and you don’t have certain things in protective mode or in a preserve mode, you have a (inaudible) of that particular system. So, there’s many, many things that were considered here. (

4 comments on “The One People’s Public Trust Has Foreclosed on the Globalists: So Show Me the Money

  1. Art Villa
    March 5, 2013

    Do these lunatics realize that if everyone on the planet had $10 billion the world economy would collapse in about 5 minutes? Money would be worthless.

    • simpleunhookedliving
      March 6, 2013

      It seems one idea is to keep half of what everybody is due to set up their new CVAC, which are like a government, but not a government. And like a bank, but not a bank.

  2. William
    March 3, 2013

    This dialogue demonstrates the problem with LSD use.

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