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The Uniform Commercial Code: Door to Freedom or Stairway to Hell?

A Facebook page called OPPT-IN is drawing people like moths to light. The attraction is irrefutable. But is it lethal?

The Facebook page belongs to the One People’s Public Trust, which is proclaiming some very good news. They say everyone is suddenly free of debt and oppression! Yup. It’s a Jubilee. Three people set themselves up as trustees of OPPT and filed commercial liens against the oligarchy on behalf of the seven billion people on earth. This foreclosed on all the governments, banks and corporations and made us all the beneficiaries of their great wealth, as of Dec. 25, 2012. Who would have thought it was so easy to get out from under the oligarchs? And people said nothing happened when the Mayan calendar ran out. Hah!

There’s Gold Involved

The gold will be distributed soon. Five billion, ten billion, the exact amount each of us will get is a little vague. But why be concerned with trifles like money when you don’t owe the man anymore because he’s not technically there? Besides, your true value is what’s inside of you, not in some metal. So don’t worry about it. All that’s left for you and me to do is opt in and enjoy the party. How do you opt in? Just by claiming your freedom, being who you are and doing what you do. No further paperwork required.

Is this for real? Decide for yourself. The commercial liens and associated forms, including blood oaths, are posted for the entire world to read at People’s Trust 1776.

UCC Filings Are Hard to Read

To be honest, most people find the UCC filings a bit laborious to decipher because they’re written in repetitious legalese with a sprinkling of intergalactic rhetoric. You will probably absorb some of it if you read with an open mind and heart, kind of like the Book of Revelation. But, when it really comes down to it, does it really matter if anybody understands what the paperwork says? Are correct words in the correct order at the right time really important? Do you truly believe paperwork is a prerequisite for freedom? It’s just a bunch of electrons with random marks, which are themselves electrons that are Universal energy vibrating from the Source. Don’t worry so much. Worrying is like believing up what don’t want. If we all believe we’re free, then we’re free. Right? So don’t sweat the details. Just revel in the sweet liberty.

People Just Want to Be Free

A precious thing about the OPPT phenomenon is the mounting numbers that are convinced the powers that be are now the powers that were. But the thousands of people who liked and commented on the OPPT-in Facebook page over the last few weeks are a varied bunch. Some are okay with purely reveling in freedom and creating their own reality. Then there are the more pragmatic who are asking how this will all shake out on the ground. Do we stop paying our mortgages, car insurance, and taxes? Where do I line up to get my billions? And will there still be gas to drive my gold home?

No Straight Answers

People who pose such questions to their new friends on the OPPT Facebook page never get straight answers. First they are told they need to read and study the materials more. If that doesn’t work they get attitudes and insinuations that they are spiritual Neanderthals and there is a danger they will drag everybody’s energy down. Or worse, they could be trolling for the dark side. In my opinion this happens because there really are no answers. Trustee Heather Tucci-Jarraf has let it be known that it’s not her intention to tell people what to do. Her job was just to wordsmith everything back to Prime. The term Prime is used a lot by Heather. Her job was to zero everything out and let the free people of the world take it from there. Just Be and Do, and stay tuned for further details.

Is it Really That Easy?

You may be wondering why the rulers of this present darkness would just roll over and let us have all their stuff. Why would they hand over centuries of hard-won power, wealth, and plunder? It’s because UCC liens must be answered and refuted within a given window of time. When they are not, proponents win by default. Since no members of the oligarchy refuted the charges, they lost the game. Checkmate. Done. Finished. So, did they roll over out of fear that their lies and crimes would be exposed, as Oppters believe? Or are they laughing this off as a bunch of nonsense — or have they even heard about it?

Heather assures in various interviews, that all world leaders and captains of industry are fully aware of her filings on behalf of the people of the planet. In fact, she and her Oppter cohorts on the blog-o-sphere are sort of crediting the UCC filings for recent resignations of top bank officials and world leaders such as the Pope and Queen Beatrix.

Actors Behind the Curtain

Meanwhile, Heather and some unknown and mysterious power partners (rich good guys, and I think beings from other planets) are negotiating behind the scenes to get the bad guys’ crimes out in the open so everybody on the planet can fully understand what happened to them. Then we’re all going to forgive each other and set up the new world order.

But why would the old guard, who are accused of having Satanic and occult powers, give up so easily? If we can be free just by acting free, what’s to stop them from acting like they’re still in charge, paperwork notwithstanding? It’s always been the same game hasn’t it? The only power the peons have is when they come to believe in the strength of their own numbers. Of course strength in numbers devolves to chaotic rabble without clear common vision, discipline, and sustained will to act. All power plays come down to layers of agreement. So, at this stage in the game, I think the Oppters know that fruition of their vision hinges on tipping the scales of agreement by turning up the energy and drawing a crowd. I think that’s another reason why they don’t want to give any room to people with too many questions and out of step with their particular vision of the paradigm shift.

People Looking for Remedies

People are jumping like lemmings into the hope of being free, which is the natural state for people to be. Others are attracted to OPPT because their freedom and security is already under fire and they are hoping for solutions to their clear and present danger. They need to understand how to properly apply the UCC filings, if that’s what they’re pinning their hopes on. They are the ones that will end up in court, which is a place where correct words in the correct order at the right time become quite a sticking point.

But people really wouldn’t be going to court if they truly believed OPPT did away with all that. Going to court just proves you don’t really believe the governments are dissolved and foreclosed. Not going will put you in contempt, then there will be a warrant for your arrest. Nobody said being a paradigm jumper was going to be easy.

Courtesy Notices

OPPT suggests sending Courtesy Notices to any clerks, cops, or others who still insist on co-opting your freedom. The letters politely explain there is no longer any smoke in front of the mirrors, so to speak. Anyone who pushes the matter is doing it on their own time and liability. That’s when you can start sending them invoices, then make some more UCC filings, but that comes later, apparently.

Some people have jumped right in and started sending out prophylactic Courtesy Notices, and they have lots of questions about it. They hash these out on a forum called Oppt Court Cases,  where there are more guesses than answers. There are calls on the forum for Heather to set up seminars across the country to educate people on what they are supposed to be doing. There is some thinking that those people could then set up their own conferences, which would be sort of deja vous of the workshops self-described “Lien Queen” Elizabeth Broderick was doing in the 90s. The ones that stopped happening when Broderick was sentenced to prison.

Will it Work?

At any rate, the Oppters should have had prepared clear instructions before they went public, to help the droves of people who were bound to come forth with a plethora of urgent questions about immediate legal problems. OPPT comes across with an attitude that this is all a grand experiment, but people shouldn’t have to be guinea pigs for their program on top of any existing legal problems they already face.

So what about people who have already been to court? The few reports I’ve seen sprinkled on OPPT pages by people who have brought up Heather’s UCC filings in court are being told they are useless. Technically, though, nobody has actually refuted the filings. They have just been ignored.

Powers that Were Still Are

Anybody involved with OPPT needs to be clear about this: You may believe with all your heart that the US federal government has been dissolved, but if the government itself does not think so, there may be unpleasant consequences. You need to be looking from the outside in, and be aware of how your actions are viewed. You may consider yourself a not-violent peace-loving being, but if the government thinks you’re a “paper terrorist” involved in dissolving US Inc., that’s what you’re going to be. In fact, you will be labeled a violent extremist and there is a well-funded program to deal with people like you.

Preventing Extremism in the US

The program is called “Empowering Local Partners to Prevent Violent Extremism in the United States,” and Obama wrote the preface in 2011. I call it the Snitch Program for short, because essentially what it does is play upon the fears of powerless sheeple who have been convinced they are doing a great thing by causing the powers that be to bear down on you.

You will be lumped in with al-Qa’ida, neo-Nazis, and other domestic terrorist organizations that attempt to radicalize people and “threaten our way of life,” as President Obama puts it in the preface. Do you think Heather’s UCC filings might be construed as an attempt to threaten the American way of life?

The President goes on to say, “As a government, we are working to prevent all types of extremism that leads to violence, regardless of who inspires it.” This is a multi-jurisdictional (alphabet soup) effort that trickles down from the highest criminal agencies in the land right to your friendly county sheriff, church, and next door neighbor.

“The strategy that follows outlines how the Federal Government will support, help and empower American communities and their local partners in their grassroots efforts to prevent violent extremism. This strategy commits the Federal Government to improving support to communities including sharing more information about the threat of radicalization; strengthening cooperation with local law enforcement, who work with these communities every day, and helping communities to better understand and protect themselves against violent extremist propaganda, especially online.”

Will Your Family Be Safe?

This leads to a very serious question. Are the actions of OPPT dangerous, and might your involvement bring suspicion, harm, and reprisals to you or your family? You might not have a family, and you might not care. But if you do, you should strive to be clear about what your involvement means. If you are going to lay your life and freedom on the line for this — and that’s what you do when you come against the powers that be — you need to know exactly whom you are dealing with. If you want to opt into the hope of freedom and stand up to the elites of the world, go for it, but do it with our eyes wide open. Understand everything about the proponents and what they stand for, their agendas and associations, backgrounds and qualifications, and exactly what vision you are sharing.

Meanwhile, does anybody else find it fascinating that the Right-wing sovereign battle-ax of “paper terrorism” from the 90s (UCC liening) rose from the ashes and morphed into a New Age digital flash mob?

4 comments on “The Uniform Commercial Code: Door to Freedom or Stairway to Hell?

  1. William
    March 1, 2013

    Estar… are becoming a very good writer…kudos!

  2. Gypsy Rob
    February 28, 2013

    U.S. District Judge Ronald Leighton had this to say about One Peoples Public Trust documents…

    “Defendant has filed yet another document entitled “Mandatory Judicial Notice.” (See Dkts. #99, 86, 66, 59, 58.) The “Mandatory Judicial Notice” notifies the Court that Defendant “relies in good faith on the public/commercial REGISTRY entries as published at, inclusive of Universal Law Ordinance, UCC #2012096074 . . . .” For lack of a better term, this is gobbledygook. The Court is unsure of the document’s purpose, and given its undecipherable nature, no response is expected from the Government.

    Defendant is apparently a member of a group loosely styled “sovereign citizens.” The Court has deduced this from a number of Defendant’s peculiar habits. First, like Mr. Leaming, sovereign citizens are fascinated by capitalization. They appear to believe that capitalizing names has some sort of legal effect. For example, Defendant writes that “the REGISTERED FACTS appearing in the above Paragraph evidence the uncontroverted and uncontrovertible FACTS that the SLAVERY SYSTEMS operated in the names UNITED STATES, United States, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and United States of America . . . are terminated nunc pro tunc by public policy, U.C.C. 1-103 . . . .” (Def.’s Mandatory Jud. Not. at 2.) He appears to believe that by capitalizing “United States,” he is referring to a different entity than the federal government. For better or for worse, it’s the same country.

    Second, sovereign citizens, like Mr. Leaming, love grandiose legalese. “COMES NOW, Kenneth Wayne, born free to the family Leaming, 20 December 1955, constituent to The People of the State of Washington constituted 1878 and admitted to the union 22 February 1889 by Act of Congress, a Man, “State of Body” competent to be a witness and having First Hand Knowledge of The FACTS . . . .” (Def.’s Mandatory Jud. Not. at 1.)

    Third, Defendant evinces, like all sovereign citizens, a belief that the federal government is not real and that he does not have to follow the law. Thus, Defendant argues that as a result of the “REGISTERED FACTS,” the “states of body, persons, actors and other parties perpetuating the above captioned transaction(s) [i.e., the Court and prosecutors] are engaged . . . in acts of TREASON, and if unknowingly as victims of TREASON and FRAUD . . . .” (Def.’s Mandatory Jud. Not. at 2.)

    The Court therefore feels some measure of responsibility to inform Defendant that all the fancy legal-sounding things he has read on the internet are make-believe. Defendant can call himself a “public minister” and “private attorney general,” he may file “mandatory judicial notices” citing all his favorite websites, he can even address mail to the “Washington Republic.” But at the end of the day, while sovereign citizens and Defendant cite things like “Universal Law Ordinances,” they are subject to both state and federal laws, just like everyone else.

    For the reasons stated above, no response is required by the Government.”

    DATED this 12th day of February, 2013

    United States District Judge Ronald B. Leighton


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