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Alert: Police State Proliferating in the Redoubt on Canadian Border

Stevens County, Washington is a poster child of what can go wrong for freedom loving people trying to find some peace in the woods.

I scooped this article from a FB page, but since not everybody uses it, I’ve reprinted it here.

I just received the sad notice below from the Stevens County Assembly. Stevens County is a rural county in eastern Washington that was once a stronghold of free spirits. I don’t know what events the SCA is referring to here, but it didn’t happen over night. During the past few years I have noticed WAY more police on the roads in SC than anywhere I else I travel, by far. Have the people who live there not noticed the encroaching Nazi police state? They are just like frogs being slowly boiled to death.

Last year I saw an article that border security is using drones — where was the outcry? — and I heard they were building a checkpoint along 395. Conspiracy theories are rampantly whispered in hushed tones in every little store and bar.


SC was once a place of liberty loving radicals on both left and right — what happened? For one thing, I venture to guess the CARROT happened. Struggling county agencies are always willing to trade your liberty for money. I have seen the denial there too — people want to believe the trees and long dirt roads create a buffer between them and the system, so people let down their guard.

Concomitantly, there are also an inordinate number of people living on some kind of government program of one kind or another there. You can’t have it both ways for long.

Meanwhile, heroine use is proliferating in the small rural towns that dot the countryside, and the jail is crammed to the point of being out of control. There have been so many stories that came to my ears over the past few years about crooked officials, turbo cops, draconian fines for things like septic issues, making it a real trial for people struggling to get by.

Stevens County Washington is a poster child of what can go wrong for freedom loving people trying to live on the fringes of the system in the woods. They’re making themselves into a perfect candidate for Agenda 21. If you are wanting to move to the Redoubt and considering Stevens County in northeastern Washington, don’t do it unless you have the energy for a fight.

Here is what the Stevens County Assembly has to say and what they plan to do.

“Over the past few days, events and changes in Stevens County have qualified stronger more proactive approaches. It has come to my attention that the Feds have been hard at work gaining additional control over the 100 Mile Security Zone. Our local government has been affected in this process.

“The subversive nature of the Federal agenda has come to light in other ways, also. Nearly, all publically printed material in our county is politically correct or just local happenings of no serious nature. The Huckleberry was the only real true Constitutional or patriot voice in the county. That avenue is now gone as the subversive nature of political correctness has now even taken root in that medium.

“The subversive warfare machine is in full swing at this very hour.”

“If you recall our early days just prior to the Revolution, the printed paper was instrumental in reaching the masses with the truth. Even though, we have the internet; the printed truth is still in demand as many have encouraged us to go forward with this notice.

“We will begin our own paper; and already, folks in Idaho have asked for every copy we can print. The Name of this paper will represent the only means we have of challenging the lawless system that has undermined our Constitutional Republic system.

“REMONSTRANCE, signifying a constitutional process of Redress of grievances, calling our elected to honor their oaths, and those who hold all political power according to law.

“That would be you and me.”

“Time is of the essence, my friends, as we are running out of options. Our legislature can only think to write more Bills just to justify their existence. We don’t need more law, as we already have laws that limit government and protect freedoms. If they will not enforce those, why would they enforce any other laws that aid the people? They will not, as is proved over and over.

“The only thing that is enforced today are rules and regulations for the purpose of extracting funds to uphold government and its continued growth. Our local elected only make statements of support for our concerns; but in reality do nothing to protect us, as they are directed by the State Constitution to do. The Newspaper we will do; will be so much more than just news.

“It will keep the people informed and give direction with real remedies for our present condition. It is the first step in “Remonstrance” as we can all distribute this to our friends and neighbors. It is time to put our money where our stand is. We can prove that America still exists in our area, and that we will not bow to lawless government, and that we will not allow our Constitutions to be ignored.

“The process of “Remonstrance” has already had smashing success in Maine and a few other places. We will conduct a special meeting very soon to explain this process. This is our last remedy in law, and we must exercise it. It will only succeed with all hands on deck and a people who will stand their ground. If we can’t do this, then turn in all your weapons and just repent of all your freedoms.

“The time is now.”

“Will you support a real effort? Or are you happy playing politics and continuing to allow our nation to be swallowed up by the two party socialist system?

“It’s time to work and restore the rule of law. We must get out of our comfort zones and sacrifice for the future. One of the great truths of the Republic form of American government is that, if you are the only one following the law, then you are the only one that can lawfully enforce the law.”

Stand by!

God bless,

Russell Bolton


 About Stevens County Assembly

Stevens County Assembly (SCA) is a lawful independent body politic of Stevens County communities, under compact, of like minded individuals to assume our responsibility inrestoring our great Republic and to support and uphold the laws of our State and National constitutions.

We invite you to assemble and unite with us across the differences of age, class, race, creed, town, religion, and political ideology to uphold your and our God given right to Life, Liberty, Property, and Pursuit of Happiness.

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