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Do You Use “Colloidal” Silver?

colloidal silver, ionic silver solution, silver water

Silver solution is cheap and easy to make.

If you buy bottles with labels that say “colloidal silver” chances are good you are really getting ionic silver solution. The attached article explains the difference and lists lab results with price comparison for various brands, so you can see what you’re getting ounce for ounce.

Ionic silver solution is cheap and easy to make, as opposed to true colloidal silver. But silver solution can kill bacteria.  I’d rather not pay $10 or more per 4/oz bottle when I can make it for less than $2 a gallon.

It doesn’t take an expensive “colloidal” silver generator to make this healing water. Consider the minimalist approach described below. I learned it from a neighbor and have made silver solution this way for skin afflictions for 15 years with excellent results time after time. I am still using the same two pieces of silver wire I bought at a jewelry store in the 90s.

colloidal silver, silver solution, dyi


  • Three 9-volt batteries
  • Three pieces of wire in series with snap connectors, alligator clips on the ends.
  • Two pieces of 99.99% silver wire. I don’t know what guage they are, but you can get a good idea from the picture. Gauge of the silver is not crucial.
  • Saline solution made with non-iodized salt
  • Distilled water
  • Glass container
  • 3-minute timer
  • Funnel
  • Storage container(s)

The reason for the distilled water and non-iodized salt is to minimize inadvertent chemical reactions caused by the electrolysis process.

colloidal silver, silver solution

Silver solution generator


Assemble the generator by snapping the three 9-volt batteries to the connectors on the wire. This creates the essential guts of the “colloidal” silver generators that sell for $100 or so on the Internet.

Pour about a pint of distilled water into a clean glass container.

Fasten the silver wires into the alligator clips. Place the wires in the water and submerge them as much as possible. You are now shooting current into the water, making a complete circuit. If you touch the wires there will be a small spark.

silver solution, colloidal silverPlace one drop (only one drop) of saline solution into the water. Salt increases the conductivity of the water. If your batteries are charged up, you will notice a dramatic difference after inserting the drop of saline into the water. See tiny bubbles coming off the negative lead and a cloud forming from the positive. Watch it work for three minutes.

Remove the silver wires from the water and unclip them from the generator. Keep them separated until they are out of the clips. Touching them together will cause them to short out. and waste battery power. I clean the silver wires by wiping them down with a cloth or paper towel.

Pour the solution into storage container(s). Sometimes I use old peroxide bottles. Other times I use glass jars. I prefer to store out of the light, but don’t know if it matters. It’s just the way I always store medicines. Repeat until you have as much solution as you need.

In the case of a burn or skin infection, I soak a gauze with silver water and apply it to the area. I cover that with plastic, tape it on overnight, and expect a dramatic improvement in the morning. I am not a doctor or nurse and I’m not prescribing anything. Just sharing a tip from years of simple living experience.

make colloidal silver, silver solution

See the cloud that forms when electric current flows through the water

3 comments on “Do You Use “Colloidal” Silver?

  1. simpleunhookedliving
    January 23, 2013

    @Terri: As my mom always said, “When in doubt, throw it out.”

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  3. Terri Horton
    January 9, 2013

    My Father-in-law has a “Colloidal” Silver generator he bought online. Paid a lot for it. He made me a quart jar container of this for me said it had to be done in a glass container, it had to run for 4 hours for it to become colloidal silver solution. I never saw a cloud form it at all in the water. He said he used distilled water, but there is a light on the side of the generator that tells u if the water purity is good. It ran for 4 hrs the light indicated the the water was of poor quality. He insisted that is was perfectly fine. Told me to keep it in a dark cool place . How do I know if it worked? Havent used it yet. He’s always buying next best invention that comes out. I have no Idea where this thing came from and if it was a reputable company. Thinking about just throwing it down the drain.

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