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Simple Living Laundry Method


doing laundry by hand

The edge is taken off of hand washing by doing small loads often.

In summer, it’s not bad playing in the water to do laundry this way.






  1. Soak clothes in a bucket of water with some borax mixed in.
  2. Extra dirty work clothes can be draped over a piece of wood and scrubbed with a scrub brush.
  3. Rinse down at the creek. Dip some water into your basin and slosh around. I usually wring mine out over the ground. Probably no big deal if you’re the only one doing it, but if everybody in the world rinsed their soapy stuff out in the creek, it wouldn’t be good.
  4. Hang outside to dry. (Note: This practice is against the rules in many places in America).
    hand scrubbed work clothes

    This works well on really dirty work clothes

    rinse clothes with creek water

    Rinsing clothes in ice cold creek water


    line dry laundry in the sun

    Drying clothes outside is banned in some locations



3 comments on “Simple Living Laundry Method

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  2. livingsimplyfree
    October 5, 2012

    That is truly simple laundering. This is how it used to be done before we created all the machines. I’m not sure I want to do the laundry in the creek, but once in a while would be fine. I am only able to line dry here (I live in an apartment) if I hide it out back. So that’s what I do. Isn’t it crazy that we can’t decide for ourselves how to dry our clothes?

    • simpleunhookedliving
      October 9, 2012

      Yes, it sounds crazy to me. I really don’t see how hanging clothes to dry outside hurts anybody.

      I imagine my simple laundry method would get boring when washing laundry for a bunch of people.

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