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Good Grains Breakfast

oatmeal and cornmeal hot breakfastHere is a good simple hearty breakfast that doesn’t require refrigerated ingredients, or running water.

I premix cornmeal with quick cooking oatmeal and store it in a tin.

1/2 cup dried grains per person.

Add double the amount of water.

Raisins, however many you like.

I cook it on a propane stove or hot wood fire until the water is absorbed; stir a few times so it doesn’t stick.

If you have a cast iron pot and aren’t in a big hurry to eat, try bringing the ingredients to a boil then setting the pot in the sun to finish “cooking.” I have made rice this way, which takes longer to cook, so I think it will work with quick-cooking grains.

Top with brown sugar and whatever else you like.

When I have ice or refrigeration, I put a few spoonfuls of nut butter and some half and half in it before eating. Delicious!

Oats and cornmeal

Quick oats mixed with cornmeal

No nut butters on hand?  Grind up some nuts or seeds in your hand-cranked food mill, and sprinkle the meal in or over the grains.

Simplest off grid water system

Water supply in the simple off-grid kitchen

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