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It really is possible to live simply without a lot of stuff and still be content. People have been talking about this since the Sixties and before, and some have walked the talk. But many who tried it got sucked back into the system and the consumerist lifestyle.

It’s happened to me a couple of times. I set out to live very simply on some land, and before long, I found myself right back in the mainstream culture. If there was more honor and tactical support for the simple life in our society, I think a greater number of people compelled to try it would stick with it.

Changing Minds
In our modern society it seems counter-intuitive to pursue happiness by living simply. We are brainwashed into constantly desiring more stuff and working harder and harder to get it. Even the word simpleis used in a derogatory manner to describe somebody dumber than most. But it is possible to change our minds about that. Nowadays there appear to be some fairly good reasons to reconsider the simple lifestyle philosophy. Anyone who is serious about living green, or stretching their dollars, or simply finding more freedom, might want to learn how to make do with less and still be happy. It’s simply a matter of adopting a different way of thinking and learning some skills.

How Little is Enough?
One way to do this is to go to the other extreme and experiment with how little you can actually make it on and still be okay. I decided at one point to try to live very simply in the woods without electricity and running water, and I actually found it pleasant. I learned how to get all my needs taken care of quite nicely and ended up perfecting the lifestyle for about a decade.

There is a big difference between being forced to live without things that everybody else has, and actually wanting to learn how to do it well. Either way, adopting the attitude of a victim does not provide any edge at all. It seems like there are more and more victims around these days and the government is all too willing to jump in as the big savior. Expecting the government to fix the economy and the environment with more and more rules and regulations is like trying to pack ten pounds of lard into a five-pound can. This seems like the perfect time to seriously consider another option: how widespread support for simple living could turn our problems around.



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